Comareira: Exploring Portugal’s Tiniest Schist Village

Mapa com os pontos de interesse em Comareira, Aldeia de Xisto.
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Comareira is a village located in the municipality of Góis (Coimbra district), in the Beira Litoral region.

It is part of the Schist Villages Network and is classified as a Site of Community Importance in the Serra da Lousã of the Natura 2000 Network.

The place is small indeed; in fact, Comareira is the smallest Schist Village and no longer has permanent inhabitants. Nevertheless, it’s worth a visit for its viewpoint and water tank.

If you wish to stay overnight in the village to enjoy its isolation and silence, we have good news for you: the Comareira Country House is at your disposal.

Here, life unfolds in silence, always attuned to the murmur of trees and birds, as well as the sound of hikers venturing through the pine forests of the Serra da Lousã.

So, are you ready to accept my invitation to include Comareira in your next trip to the Central region of Portugal?

What to Do and Visit in the Schist Village of Comareira

Miradouro em Comareira, Aldeia de Xisto na Serra da Lousã.
Viewpoint in Comareira, Schist Village in the Serra da Lousã.
Mapa com os pontos de interesse em Comareira, Aldeia de Xisto.
Map with points of interest in Comareira, Schist Village.
Entrada da Aldeia de Xisto Comareira.
Entrance of Comareira, Schist Village.

As I mentioned earlier, the village is small, and the houses cluster together, easily explored in a relatively short time.

But don’t rush off just yet, as one of the best places to visit in Comareira is the viewpoint. However, it’s not your usual viewpoint.

If you give it time and attention, you’ll truly see (not just look at) one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Schist Villages.

But as I said, you need to take your time so that the secrets of nature unfold before your eyes. The silence also helps sharpen your senses.

Other Schist Villages in the municipality of Góis

Moinho de rodízio (aldeia da Pena).
Water mill (Pena village).
Máscaras de Entrudo, em Aigra Nova.
Carnival masks, in Aigra Nova.
As casas protegidas por muros em Aigra Velha.
Houses protected by walls, in Aigra Velha.

The Municipality of Góis has four very easy-to-visit schist villages.

So, in addition to Comareira, I suggest you include in your itinerary through the Serra da Lousã a stop in the village of Pena, in Aigra Nova, and Aigra Velha.

However, about 20 km from Comareira, you can visit the schist village in the Mountains of Love: Talasnal.

Everything you need to know before visiting the Schist Village of Comareira

Comareira Aldeia do Xisto.
Schist Village of Comareira.

Is it worth visiting the Schist Village of Comareira?

Yes, absolutely worth including Comareira in your itinerary through the schist villages of Serra da Lousã. After all, being the smallest schist village gives it a special charm.

Are there restaurants or places to eat in the Schist Village of Comareira?

There are no restaurants in Comareira, so the two alternatives are to bring a picnic or go for lunch, for example, in the town of Góis.

Is there accommodation in Comareira?

As I mentioned before, there is a local lodging house in the village, Casa de Campo da Comareira, and since there are no inhabitants in this schist village, you have the opportunity to have the village all to yourself.

If you prefer to stay in busier places, I recommend exploring the map below with other suggestions of where to stay overnight in the Schist Villages.

What trails pass through the smallest Schist Village?

The most sought-after trail in this Schist Village is the following:

  • PR 1 GOI – Path of the Schist Villages Route of the Schist Traditions: 9.2 km, 4h.

However, if you enjoy biking, take note that the Classic Stage Schist Villages: Pedrógão Pequeno – Gondramaz is quite popular among cycling enthusiasts.

Map and how to get to Comareira

From Lisbon

From Lisbon to the schist village of Comareira, it’s 223 km if you choose the route via Santarém, but you can also opt to go through Leiria.

So, to see which route is best for you, we suggest you consult the map below.

Fom Porto

If you’re traveling from the city of Porto, in the North of Portugal, expect a journey of 171 km to reach Comareira.

Nevertheless, check the map below for directions to get there more quickly.

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