Visit Talasnal: discover the Mountains of Love in Central Portugal

Talasnal Montanhas de Amor Serra Lousã
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Best things to do and see in Talasnal, one of the villages that is part of the Schist Villages Network, and also listed as a Site of Community Importance Serra da Lousã – Natura 2000 Network.

For a small village nestled in the Serra da Lousã, Talasnal offers a wide variety of traditional commerce.

Thus, at the entrance of the village, near the place where you can turn around or park your car, there is a small square with a crafts store, the Talasnal Bar, and a staircase next to the tank that provides access to the rest of the village.

From there, you can explore the village with its streets where only people and animals circulate and, who knows, take the trails that connect Talasnal to other Schist Villages in the Serra da Lousã.

So, will you join us on this journey through one of the most beautiful (and accessible) schist villages in the Serra da Lousã?

What to see in Talasnal (tourist points of interest)

Best Things To Do in Talasnal, Portugal.

Keep in mind that it is a small village, however, the care with which every corner of the village has been restored is impressive!

So, when exploring the narrow streets of the village, see if you can find the points of interest that we indicate below.

The “Alminha”

The “Alminha” is a small reminder of the Catholic tradition of the people in the region. In a simple way, it is a small altar located on one of the village streets.

It’s normal to have flowers, as people take care of this “Alminha.”

The Olive Oil Mill

The Talasnal Olive Oil Mill was used to transform olives into the precious liquid gold, that is, into olive oil that was used in cooking but also as a source of energy to keep the lamps and lanterns lit when night fell.

“Eira de cima” and “Eira de baixo”

The “eiras” were the places where grains were laid out to dry in the sun during the hot summer days so that there would be supplies available during winter, both for people and for animals.

Fountain and tank

The fountain and its respective tank are right at the beginning of the village, so you will have to pass through these places to visit the rest of the village, however, be careful when descending not to slip on the stones, especially if it has rained recently.

The fountain reminds us that in these remote areas, piped water took time to arrive, so the importance of the fountain and its tank where the precious commodity was stored for use in homes and also by animals.

Talasnal Mountains of Love Viewpoint (Montanhas de Amor)

Talasnal Montanhas de Amor Serra Lousã
Where is the Talasnal Mountains of Love viewpoint located?

The Talasnal Mountains of Love Viewpoint is located on the left side of the road that leads to the village, so the best way to get there is by car before or after visiting Talasnal.

Our experience in Talasnal

Things To Do in Talasnal: walk the schist village.
Local Bar: O Curral, in Talasnal.

When we were in Talasnal, it had recently rained, so the smell of wet earth was quite noticeable.

This fact made us travel back in time to our childhood when we were in closer contact with nature.

Like the other schist villages, Talasnal is small, and if you only want to visit the village, you can do so in about an hour.

However, in addition to visiting the village itself, many go to Talasnal because of the trails and routes in nature.

That was also our case, as we ventured through the trails that connect the schist villages of the Serra da Lousã.

The Talasnal Bar

As we visited Talasnal after lunchtime, we decided to make a brief stop at the Talasnal Bar to have something to eat.

So, at the Talasnal Bar, we opted for regional products, that is, cheeses, wild boar, sausages, and vegetables from the garden.

Sala de jantar típica
Things To Do in Talasnal: have lunh at Bar Talasnal.
Ementa da taberna Talasnal
Produtos típicos
Local products: ham, cheese, jam and corn bread.
Entradas quentes
Local products: sausages, vegetables, and pork meat.

This small place has two floors; the lower one is quite small, but on the first floor, there is a slightly larger space.

Moreover, from the window on the first floor, you can see the Serra da Lousã, and it is said that near here, there are deer, roe deer, and wild boars.

Serra da Lousã

Additionally, if you wish to spend the night in the village, you can choose local accommodations. Also, note that the Ti Lena restaurant usually receives good reviews, in case you need a place for dinner.

Accommodation in Talasnal

An experience worth considering is staying overnight in one of the restored houses in Talasnal.

Now, take a look below at the local accommodations in Talasnal:

  • Casinha do Talasnal (with one bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room);
  • Casa da Urze (It used to be the dance hall when there were parties in the village);
  • Casa dos Livros (with two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the living room, suitable for groups or large families);
  • Casa do Ti Tóte (a holiday home with a swimming pool)

As you can see, there is no shortage of local accommodation options in Talasnal. But if none of these suggestions appeals to you, I recommend exploring this map.

More accommodations in Lousã.

Location and how to get to Talasnal

From Porto:

From Lisbon:

Hiking trails from Talasnal


Hiking trails from Talasnal. PR2 LSA – Lousã Schist Path – Lousã Schist Villages Route

This is a circular pedestrian trail, of easy difficulty, but to complete it entirely, expect a distance of about six kilometers and an average duration of three hours.

It connects various interesting points in the Serra da Lousã such as Talasnal, Casal Novo, Lousã Castle, and also the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Piedade.

PR5 LSA – Schist Path – Serranos Route

The Serranos Route starts at Lousã Castle and connects to the villages of Talasnal, Chiqueiro, and Casal Novo.

In terms of difficulty, it is considered “difficult,” and to complete it entirely, expect an average duration of three hours and almost six and a half kilometers.

Other Schist Villages in the Serra da Lousã region

Casas de xisto na Cerdeira
Cerdeira: Schist Village in the Serra da Lousã.

There are twelve schist villages that belong to the Serra da Lousã group.

  • Aigra Nova;
  • Aigra Velha;
  • Candal;
  • Casal de São Simão;
  • Casal Novo;
  • Cerdeira;
  • Chiqueiro;
  • Comareira;
  • Ferraria de São João;
  • Gondramaz;
  • Pena;
  • Talasnal.

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