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Worldwide Travels

Travel guides to take with you through Europe, Africa, America, Asia and Oceania.

Includes information about the countries, such as location, preparing a trip, when to visit, best way to visit and other travel tips. Articles about the places we have visited with tips on hotels, restaurants, transport, tourist attractions, tours, and more.

Explore Portugal from North to South

Explore Portugal from North to South, including the Autonomous Regions.

Suggestions of places to include in your road trip, including what to visit and do in the different regions of Portugal. Weekends and family getaways, nature trails and walks, tips on dream hotels and typical restaurants that make travelling memorable.

Who we are

Meet the team of "Passaporte no bolso"

Hi, we are Mónica and Guilherme and together with our sons Diogo and Bruno we want to discover the world.

We believe that it is possible to travel frequently, as a family and without going bankrupt.

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We plan our trips and those of our friends, we can organise yours too!


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