Aigra Velha: Schist Village at 770 meters of altitude (2024)

Entrada da Aldeia de Xisto: Aigra Velha.
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Aigra Velha, a Schist Village nested in the municipality of Góis (Coimbra district), offers tranquil surroundings and stunning natural beauty.

It’s located in the Serra da Lousã region, known as a destination for nature hiking enthusiasts.

The village dates back to the 16th century and occasionally receives visits from mountain animals such as deer.

Community living has always been a norm, with houses closely built for protection against weather and attacks from wild animals like wolves.

Currently, only one person permanently resides in Aigra Velha.

Aigra Velha is part of the Schist Villages Network and, at 770 meters, it’s the highest-altitude Schist Village.

So, will you accept our invitation to explore this magnificent Beira region together? Let’s tread softly to enjoy the murmur of the mountains and flowing water.

Best Things To See in Aigra Velha Schist Village

Mapa de Aigra Velha, com as principais atrações turísticas.
Map of Aigra Velha, featuring the main tourist attractions.
Aigra Velha (Aldeia do Xisto).
Aigra Velha (Schist Village).
Núcleo do Forno e Alambique da Família Claro.
Oven and Distillery from Claro family.

Similar to other Schist Villages, Aigra Velha is a small village with few inhabitants.

Therefore, upon arrival, you should park your car and explore the village on foot, which shouldn’t take you much time.

However, this doesn’t mean there isn’t much of interest to see. In fact, it’s a very charming village!

You can visit the Quelha da Bica Fountain, the Family Claro’s Oven and Distillery, the threshing floor, and where goats are kept.

There’s also a centuries-old chestnut tree in the village. If you like animals, know that deer from the mountains often appear in the village, especially closer to nightfall.

Take the opportunity to absorb the tranquility of this place, as well as the village’s landscapes and the path you took to get here.

Other Schist Villages in the Serra da Lousã

Aldeia da Pena
Pena Schist Village in the Serra da Lousã.

Did you know that in the Serra da Lousã area alone there are 12 Schist Villages?

It’s true, and we had the pleasure of visiting almost all of them, so if you enjoy schist villages, you will certainly appreciate these: Aigra Velha, Candal, Casal de São Simão, Casal Novo, Cerdeira, Chiqueiro, Comareira, Ferraria de São João, Gondramaz, Pena, and Talasnal.

Everything you need to know before visiting the Schist Village of Aigra Velha

As casas protegidas por muros em Aigra Velha.
The houses protected by walls in Aigra Velha.
Entrada da Aldeia de Xisto: Aigra Velha.
Entrance of the Schist Village: Aigra Velha.

Is there good car access to Aigra Velha Schist Village?

Yes, despite the village being located at the top of the Serra da Lousã, there are good car access roads. There is also a relatively large parking lot at the entrance of the village.

Is there accommodation in the Schist Village of Aigra Velha?

I only saw one local accommodation (with several houses) in Aigra Velha, and from what I understood, it is not available on Booking, so you need to book directly. It’s called Em Xisto – Casas de Montanha and the phone contact is +351 963 562 739.

If you prefer to explore other accommodation options in the Schist Villages, you will find more alternatives on this map.

Are there any restaurants or places to eat in Aigra Velha?

Unfortunately, you won’t find restaurants in Aigra Velha, but you can bring food from home and have a peaceful picnic in the mountains.

Are there other schist villages nearby?

As I mentioned, in the Serra da Lousã, there are 12 schist villages, and the closest ones to Aigra Nova are as follows:

  • Aigra Nova: 1.9 km, 1mi or 317.8653yd;
  • Pena: 2.3 km, 1mi or 755.3106yd;
  • Comareira: 2.5 km, 1mi or 974.0332yd.

What trails pass through Aigra Velha?

The most well-known trail in this part of the Serra da Lousã is the PR9.1 GOI Trilho do Baile. In fact, this trail starts in the village of Aigra Velha and goes through the Oitava Forest Park, where there is a picnic area.

It is a circular trail, covering 12.7 km, takes about 5 hours to complete, and is of easy difficulty.

Map and how to get to Aigra Velha Schist Village?

Aigra Velha is located 14 km from Góis.

From Lisbon

Lisbon to Aigra Velha it’s 223 km, but to find the best route to get here, we suggest you check the map below.

From Porto

If you consider the city of Porto as the starting point to reach Aigra Velha in Góis, expect a journey of 173 km via the A1. However, all the details of the trip can be checked below.

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