Best Things To Do in Góis, Portugal: Your Ultimate Guide

Góis o que visitar, ver e fazer.
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Here’s the Best Things To Do in Góis: what to do, see, and visit in Góis this year. With an itinerary for a day in the Ceira capital, accommodation and restaurant suggestions.

Góis is a peaceful village located in the Coimbra district, that is, in Central Portugal.

In a very close relationship with nature, the municipality of Góis offers breathtaking landscapes that include river ecosystems (Ceira River), as well as mountains (the Serra da Lousã and the Penedos de Góis).

The Ceira River will be a very important part of your visit, as the village grew around it and some of the tourist attractions are located on its banks.

In fact, the village of Góis is known as the capital of Ceira, precisely because it is the only municipal seat bathed by the river that originates in the Serra do Açor.

It is also a must-stop for those traveling along the mythical National Road No. 2.

So, are you ready to join us on this journey through the Center of Portugal?

Best Things To Do and See in Góis

Mapa com as principais atrações turísticas de Góis.
Map with the main tourist attractions of Góis.
Posto de turismo de Góis.
Things To Do in Góis: Tourist Information Office.

In Góis, there is much to see and visit, so we decided to organize this topic geographically.

We start with suggestions on what to visit in the historic center and then move on to other places to visit further away from the center, but equally interesting.

Exploring the historic center of Góis

O que fazer em Góis: atravessar a Ponte Real a pé.
What to do in Góis: Cross the Royal Bridge on foot.
Capela de São Sebastião.
Chapel of São Sebastião.
Pormenor de casa no centro de Góis.
Things To Do in Góis: Detail of a house in the center of Góis.

In the historic center of Góis, a stroll across the Royal Bridge is a must, preferably on foot.

The 16th-century bridge was commissioned during the reign of King João III, and at one end, you will find the Chapel of São Sebastião, dating back to the 18th century, but equally fascinating.

These two monuments are classified as Property of Public Interest, so be sure not to miss the opportunity to visit them.

Moreover, make sure to include a stop in your itinerary at the Main Church, which includes the tomb of Dom Luís da Silveira.

By the way, if you’re interested in other religious buildings, our highlight goes to the Church of Mercy, as well as the Chapel of the Castle, from where you’ll have a comprehensive view of the village.

Walking along the Ceira Boardwalk

Rio Ceira, em Góis.
Things To Do in Góis: Ceira River.

The Ceira Boardwalk is a wooden structure that closely follows the banks of the Ceira River.

Because it is a safe structure with easy access from the town center, it is an excellent outing for families.

In fact, the dense vegetation, as well as the coolness of the river, make it very pleasant to spend a few hours there.

If you like the idea, then note that to reach the Ceira Boardwalk, you should cross the Royal Bridge towards Peneda River Beach and continue straight ahead.

Discovering the Schist Villages in the municipality of Góis

Aigra Nova Aldeia de Xisto.
Aigra Nova, Schist Village.

In the municipality of Góis, you can visit four Schist Villages (Pena, Aigra Nova, Aigra Velha, and Comareira), all different and well worth including in your itinerary through the region.

Pena Village

Aldeia da Pena
Pena, Schist Village.

The village of Pena was the one that surprised us the most in the municipality of Góis!

It almost feels like we can still feel on our skin the freshness emanating from the flowing waters of the stream as we made our way to the watermill in the village. It’s not to be missed, believe me!

Aigra Nova

Loja Aldeias de Xisto Aigra Nova.
Schist Traditions Ecomuseum, in Aigra Nova.

Only 4 people live in Aigra Nova, and in this schist village, I highlight the Schist Traditions Ecomuseum, as well as the different nuclei scattered throughout the village.

These are small facilities, but the information panels concentrate the most important elements of the theme.

Aigra Velha

Aigra Velha (Aldeia do Xisto).
Visit Aigra Velha Schist Village.

Aigra Velha is the schist village located at the highest altitude, namely 770 meters, which in itself is a reason to visit.

However, the forest path between the village of Pena and Aigra Velha offers very beautiful landscapes, and for that reason, you should definitely include the small village in your itinerary in Góis.


Comareira Aldeia do Xisto.
Discover Comareira, one of the Schist Villages in the municipality of Góis.

Comareira is the smallest of all the schist villages, and if you’re familiar with some of these villages, then you know that they are all known for being small.

Therefore, our highlight is the viewpoint right at the entrance of the village, from where the forest landscape seems to be endless.

Explore Serra da Lousã

Castelo da Lousã (Castelo de Arouce).
Lousã Castle.

The Serra da Lousã, or Lousã Mountain Range, is part of the Natura 2000 Network and besides the municipality of Góis, it also includes territories of the municipalities of Castanheira de Pera, Figueiró dos Vinhos, Lousã, and Miranda do Corvo.

It is a region of rare beauty, so we believe it should be included in your itinerary in Góis.

Exploring the Penedos de Góis

Penedo do Leão (aldeia da Pena).
Lion Rock, in Pena (Penedos de Góis).

The Penedos de Góis are rugged rocky formations perched atop the mountain.

We were particularly impressed with the views from the village of Pena, but if you want to see the rocks up close, you can choose to go to the village of Povorais, which is the closest to the Penedos.

On the other hand, hiking enthusiasts will certainly be pleased to take on the PR9 GOI – Schist Villages Path of Góis – Trilho do Baile, which passes through the village of Povorais.

It is a circular trail, starting in the village of Aigra Velha, with a total length of 14.7 km.

The Best River Beaches in Góis

Praia fluvial da Peneda em Góis.
Peneda River Beach in Góis.

In Góis, there are several river beaches where locals and visitors can cool off on hot summer days, such as Ponte de Sotão River Beach, Cabril River Beach, and Canaveiras River Beach, all in Vila Nova do Ceira, as well as the bathing areas of Comeal and Alvares.

However, I will give special relevance to the two beaches that are closest to the village of Góis, namely Peneda River Beach and Pego Escuro River Beach.

Peneda River Beach

Praia da Peneda, ou Praia da Ilha Branca, em Góis.
White Island Beach or Peneda Beach, in Góis.

Peneda River Beach, also known as White Island Beach, is the closest one to Ponte Real in Góis.

In fact, in the center of the Ceira River, a white sand island has formed, which visitors can access via a footbridge.

Additionally, there is a pleasant leisure area and a terrace along the banks of the Ceira River.

Pego Escuro River Beach

Pego Escuro River Beach is located a bit further ahead from Peneda Beach, but it’s worth the extra effort.

The peculiarity of this beach is the working Water Mill, which attracts many visitors, so don’t miss the opportunity to visit it.

Accommodation in Góis

Explorar o centro de Góis.
Exploring the center of Góis.

If you have the opportunity, stay at least two nights in Góis because, as you’ve seen in this article, there’s plenty to do around here.

My suggestion for accommodation in the village is Casinha dos Figueirais, a holiday home with just one bedroom and it’s about 90 meters from Peneda River Beach, so take advantage of that.

However, there are other great local accommodation options in Góis, so check out some suggestions below.

Hotels in Góis, Portugal

Everything you need to know before visiting Góis

Entrudo Tradicional das Aldeias de Xisto de Góis.
Traditional Shrovetide of the Schist Villages of Góis.

What is the best time to visit Góis?

The mild weather of spring and summer is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities in Góis, such as exploring trails and footpaths, as well as the Schist Villages.

Moreover, Carnival is another excellent time to visit Góis, due to the Traditional Shrovetide of the Schist Villages of Góis. It’s quite different from the carnivals and Shrovetides elsewhere in the country. This tradition was nearly lost, which is a shame as it deserves more promotion.

For motorcycle enthusiasts, every August brings the Góis Motorcycle Rally, organized by the Góis Moto Clube, which is the second largest motorcycle rally in Portugal.

How many days are needed to explore Góis?

If you want to leisurely explore both the center of Góis and the Schist Villages, I believe two to three days are sufficient. However, in the summer, the river beaches of Góis are very appealing, so you may want to stay longer for that reason.

Map and how to get to Góis

From Lisboa

From Lisbon to Góis, it’s a 226 km journey that takes about two and a half hours. However, to confirm the exact route, we suggest you check the map below.

From Porto

From Porto to Góis, it’s a 165 km trip that takes approximately two hours to complete. However, to access the complete route, we suggest you confirm it on this map.

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