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Traveling is the main focus of this project and since we do not usually share personal data, in this article you will get to know Passaporte no Bolso team.

Meet the Passaporte no Bolso team

Hi, we are Mónica and Guilherme and together with our sons Diogo and Bruno we want to explore the world!

We live in Ermesinde, that is, in the North of Portugal, and we are always ready to pack our bags and leave. Whether for a weekend in a small village, a cruise in the Caribbean, a road trip through Spain or taking a flight to any destination in the world.

Mónica left a steady job to dedicate herself to blogging and the couple’s other endeavors, so she works daily from home and dreams about a nomadic life.

Guilherme’s biggest dream is to travel around the world, but in the meantime, he’s a graphic printer. He loves flying but is impatient with long airport stops, which makes him hard to put up with at these times.

Diogo has been traveling with his parents since he was three months old and is always ready to pack his bags. He wants to be a pediatrician or dentist and open a clinic in Mondim de Basto where his grandparents live.

Bruno is the youngest who shows us magazines with pictures of places where we should travel from a very early age. He’s adventurous and the only one in the family who isn’t afraid of heights.

We believe that having children is no excuse for not traveling as our two boys have always traveled since they were babies.

On the other hand, the lack of money is no excuse either, as the amount of low-cost flights that leave Portugal daily and the tips to save on travel that we share in this blog throw that excuse to the ground.

We do believe that it is possible to travel on a regular basis, as a family, with some comfort and without going broke.


Know our history

The story of our travels together begins in 2001 and it was the beginning of our life together.

The first time we boarded a plane was on June 4, 2001, and since then we have visited over 30 countries.

Passaporte no Bolso was born in October 2015 and came to solve a problem of time and memory.

If you’re confused we can explain it better! Our friends asked us for travel tips about places we had visited, but the truth is that we no longer remembered everything and, besides, we had to repeat the same thing several times.

Can you imagine the waste of time and energy?

That’s why the Passport in the Pocket was born. We started by sharing just a few photos, but then we added texts to describe our experiences.

We talk about places we like, tours we take, hotels we stayed, restaurants and foods that left a mark on us and always with the aim of inspiring other families to travel with more confidence. After all, if we can travel, any family can too.

Currently, the blog is followed monthly by thousands of visitors and we write for them.

However, in addition to the blog, we also have a presence on social networks, such as facebook , Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

Choosing the name Passaporte no Bolso

We are asked how we chose the name of the blog and being a simple story, it has a lot of meaning!

We believe that it doesn’t take much to travel, that is, those who want to travel just need a passport in their pocket (in Portuguese: Passaporte no Bolso).

Do you know the expression that says something like this: if you want to do something you will find a way, if you don’t want to do it you will find an excuse? Experience has shown us that it is not a lack of time or money that prevents people from traveling, but rather a matter of priorities.

Of course, choices have to be made, but for us, the experiences we have as a family while traveling and the opportunity to see the world are more important than things that are gathering dust in our closets.

Who does what on the Passaporte no Bolso team

As a family project in which everyone contributes, each member of the Passaporte no Bolso team has areas in which they feel most comfortable.

Thus, Mónica prefers to write and manage social networks, while Guilherme dedicates his free time to taking photographs and editing videos for YouTube. Diogo has already started to help on social networks, namely on Twitter.

Finally, see also the following article:

Work with Passaporte no Bolso!

We are a Portuguese Family traveling around the world and sharing our journey and experiences at Here you can find plenty of family budget travel tips as well as practical information about numerous destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia and America. We have visited 30+ countries and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Follow our adventures on YouTube / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter / Facebook.

Plan your trip!

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