Christmas in Vigo 2022: street lighting, Ferris wheel, and Market

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Last Updated on 2023-03-13

Christmas in Vigo is an important celebration, as in this region of Spain the holidays are a serious matter.

From the street lighting in the city to the Christmas Markets, to the Ferris wheel and the decorative figures distributed over several streets, there is a lot to see and do in Vigo at this time of year.

This article was written based on our visit to Vigo Christmas last year, as the edition of Vigo Christmas Markets 2022 has not yet started.

However, the information you will find here is as up-to-date as possible. I made an effort to include all the details you need to have an amazing experience.

Please take note that the Christmas lights will be turned on in 18 november 2022.

So, in this article, we’ll tell you where the main tourist attractions are, what to expect from Vigo’s Christmas Market, and some final tips for you to enjoy your trip.

Vigo Christmas Lights 2022

The opening of the Christmas lights is the official start of the Christmas festivities in Vigo. People flock to Rua Policarpo Sanz and Rua Príncipe to see the lights being turned on for the first time.

There’s a countdown, which is followed by a short Christmas music show and artificial snow.

The Giant Christmas Tree next to Porta do Sol comes to life with lights and traditional Christmas songs.

The line for the carousel grows with children who want to take a walk.

Speaking of lines, on the opening day of the Christmas lights, the Ferris Wheel seems to have been the most sought after as people waited for hours for a few minutes of adrenaline on high.

Those who preferred to explore the streets of Vigo discovered several scenarios with Christmas motifs.

We saw the Santa Claus House, the sleigh with the reindeer, a giant snowman, and other figures distributed throughout the city center.

The following video was shot live for Instagram, so if you are curious to know what the Christmas Tree in Vigo is like, we suggest you take a look at our IG and follow us there!

Christmas Market in Vigo (Cíes Market)

Cíes Market is the biggest Christmas Market in Vigo. It is located in Parque da Alameda, next to Praça Compostela, and has around 100 stalls.

If you like to buy unique crafts and decorative items, then this is the right place. In addition, there are many food stalls and a Ferris wheel for the more adventurous.

Another attraction in this Cíes Market is the existence of artificial snow.

Thus, three times a day, at 19:00, 20:00, and 21:00, artificial snow machines will be in operation, which promise to dress in white and bring joy to the Christmas Market.

Remember that the Christmas Market in Vigo is open until the 15th of January 2023, with the following hours: Monday to Friday from 17:00 and the weekend from 11:00.

Travel tips for those visiting the Christmas Market in Vigo

Ruas iluminadas na Galiza..
  • Take a coat because at night it cools down a lot;
  • The queue for the Ferris wheel is long, so be prepared to wait;
  • The food stalls include options for pizza, sandwiches, chips, sushi, tacos, dogs, crepes, waffles, cookies, among others;
  • In terms of drinks, the stalls usually have a beer, but there are vending machines with water and soft drinks.

Christmas in Vigo 2022, what to expect

As I mentioned, I took my family to the Christmas markets in Vigo last year, and it was an incredible experience.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to find so many attractions and tourists. The lightnings were really beautiful.

Thus, in 2022, the same number of LED lighting is planned for 500 streets in Vigo.

Christmas lights in Vigo began to be placed in August. This year Christmas lights will be turned on at 6:30 pm and turned off at 11:30 pm, instead of the usual 6:00 pm and 12:00 am, because of the current energy crisis.

It really is the event of the year, and it is expected to bring about three million tourists to Vigo. The festivities will begin in 19 november 2022.

Accommodation in Vigo

Hotel Tryp Los Galeones.
Hotel Tryp Los Galeones.

We were in Vigo the night the Christmas lights were turned on, which means it was difficult to get around by car in the center of the city.

That’s why we chose the Tryp Los Galeones Hotel, a four-star hotel with a car park (€11 per day), located next to the motorway exit and not far from the center.

However, other hotels can be good choices, such as the Hotel Axis Vigo which has parking, or the NH Colection Vigo.

Book hotels in Vigo

How to get to the Christmas Market in Vigo

Leaving Porto, expect a trip of about 1:30 h to the center of Vigo.

Take the A3 towards Braga, and then towards Valença. Pass the bridge over the River Minho at the border with Tui and continue along the expressway to Vigo. On the Spanish side, you don’t need to pay tolls.

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