Coffee shop, bars, restaurants, and nightlife in Tbilisi, Georgia

Entrada para o Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
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Here’s everything you need to know about nightlife in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, including coffee shops, bars, and restaurants suggestions.

Throughout this article, you’ll discover why so many travelers fall in love with Tbilisi’s nightlife, which not only has a vibrant atmosphere but is also safe even for solo travelers.

During my ten days in Georgia, I noticed that it’s perfectly normal for people to go out any day of the week, whether it’s for dinner or a drink at a bar.

So, I’ve gathered a set of tips that I believe will be quite useful for first-time visitors to Tbilisi.

But if you can’t visit all the places I mention, I want to draw your attention to a special place in Tbilisi that you really must visit: the Chveni restaurant.

Nightlife in Tbilisi: a special highlight for the Chveni restaurant

Entrada para o Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
Chef Guram no Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
Pedro Carvalho no Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.

“Chveni” means “ours,” conveying the idea of a place to which they belong, where people feel at home and welcomed. A goal completely achieved!

I was welcomed at Chveni by Chef Guram and Pedro Carvalho, the souls behind this wonderful project. It was a mutual friend who told me about the chef when I mentioned that I was heading to Georgia.

They opened the first Chveni restaurant in 2018, and today they already have five restaurants.

In this restaurant, which was once a family home, the rooms succeed one another, each with unique details and nooks.

The decor of the spaces may change, but the atmosphere of happiness from those who enjoy the space leaves no room for doubt: Chveni welcomes us very well!

Decoração no Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
Decoração no Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: ir ao restaurante Chveni.
Salamandra no Restaurante Chveni, Tbilisi.

In my memory, there are etched images of a crackling fireplace, carpets on the floor, and funny stuff on the ceiling. Also, a friendly terrace for the warm days, music for dancing, and cozy nooks that invite moments of romance.

To access the upper floors of the restaurant, you need to climb a few steps. As I walked up this short staircase, with the lively chatter of diners at the tables, I recalled the festive days at my grandmother’s house. Sweet memories that warm my soul.

Speaking of flavors and aromas, the food is simply delicious. Georgian dishes, of course, well-prepared and with fresh flavors. To accompany them, the Georgian red wine, which matures in clay amphorae for nine months.

I was so immersed in the gastronomic experience that I forgot to note down the names of the dishes, but here are the photos for future reference.

Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: Jantar no Chveni.
Jantar no Chveni, Tbilisi.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: ir ao restaurante Chveni.
Sobremesa no restaurante Chveni, em Tbilisi.
Brinde no restaurante Chveni, em Tbilisi.

Cafés, bars, and restaurants to explore in Tbilisi

Let’s dive into some suggestions of places to eat in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.

As mentioned, I spent a total of ten days in the country, giving me the opportunity to visit different restaurants, cafes, and bars.

To make the information easy to navigate, I’ve categorized the places by type of experience.

So, we have laid-back lunches, typical Georgian restaurants, Georgian cooking classes with dinner, cafes with personality, and bars for a night out in Tbilisi. Enjoy!

Laid-back lunches in Tbilisi

Almoçar em Tbilisi: restaurante Amo Rame. Sair à noite em Tbilisi
Lunch in Tbilisi: Amo Rame Restaurant.
Restaurante Amo Rame.
Amo Rame Restaurant.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: decoração do Restaurante Amo Rame.
Decoration at Amo Rame Restaurant.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: ementa do Restaurante Amo Rame.
Menu at Amo Rame Restaurant.
Wine tour em Tbilisi. Sair à noite em Tbilisi
Wine tour in Tbilisi.

For a laid-back lunch, I recommend a visit to Amo Rame. Calm atmosphere and tasty food, not far from the city center.

Another suggestion is to join a wine tour, combining a light lunch with tasting different types of Georgian wine.

Overall, I assure you that the rest of the day is likely to go well!

Traditional Georgian Restaurants

Sair à noite em Tbilisi: Jantar no restaurante georgiano Pirosmanis Dukani.
Nightlife in Tbilisi: Dinner at Georgian Restaurant Pirosmani’s Dukani.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: Ementa do restaurante georgiano Pirosmani's Dukani.
Menu of the Georgian restaurant Pirosmani’s Dukani.
Khachapuri no restaurante Pirosmani's Dukani, em Tbilisi.
Adjarian khachapuri at the Pirosmani’s Dukani restaurant in Tbilisi.
Badriani (rolos de beringela) no restaurante Pirosmani's Dukani, em Tbilisi.
Badriani (eggplant rolls) at the Pirosmani’s Dukani restaurant in Tbilisi.
Khinkali no restaurante Piromani's Dukani, em Tbilisi.
Khinkali at the Pirosmani’s Dukani restaurant in Tbilisi.

If your idea is to experience traditional Georgian cuisine, then I recommend the Pirosmani’s dukani restaurant.

I can say that both the badriani, as well as the adjarian khachapuri, khinkali, and mtsvadi (kebabs) were very good!

Additionally, another suggestion is the Shavi Lomi restaurant, which locals love and tourists almost overlook.

In fact, it doesn’t even have a sign at the door because it’s not necessary; everyone knows the restaurant.

Jantar de grupo no Shavi Lomi, Tbilisi. Sair à noite em Tbilisi
Group dinner at Shavi Lomi (nightlife in Tbilisi).
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: Jantar no restaurante Shavi Lomi.
Night out in Tbilisi: Dinner at Shavi Lomi Restaurant.
Jantar no restaurante Shavi Lomi, em Tbilisi.
Dinner at Shavi Lomi Restaurant in Tbilisi.
Comida georgiana no restaurante Shavi Lomi, em Tbilisi.
Georgian cuisine at Shavi Lomi Restaurant in Tbilisi.

One of the most typical dishes at Shavi Lomi is Bazhe, a typically Georgian sauce whose main ingredient is walnut. It’s served with ghomi, a kind of cornmeal porridge.

By the way, Shavi Lomi means “black lion,” and the restaurant operates in a traditional Georgian house, with original wooden floors and ceilings painted as they were in the past.

In addition to the delicious food, going to Shavi Lomi is quite an experience! What a celebration!

And to wrap up this gastronomic journey, it was at the Ethnographer restaurant where I participated in a Supra, a typical Georgian banquet.

Music, food, and toasts of chacha to eternalize new friendships.

Georgian restaurant and cooking class

Georgian House. Sair à noite em Tbilisi
Tbilisi: Georgian House.
Aula de culinária georgiana.
Georgian cooking class.
Aprender a fazer Khachapuri.
Learning to make Khachapuri.
Receitas de comida típica georgiana: khinkali, khachapuri,  churchkhela e chacha.
Recipes for typical Georgian food: khinkali, khachapuri, churchkhela, and chacha.
Ambar wine no Georgian House.
Ambar wine at Georgian House.
Aprender a fazer khinkali.
Learning to make khinkali.
Comida tradicional georgiana: khinkali.
Traditional Georgian food: khinkali.
Khachapuri pronto para o forno.
Khachapuri ready for the oven.
Brinde de chacha no Georgian House.
Toast with chacha at the Georgian House.
Aprender a fazer Churchkhela, o doce nacional da Geórgia.
Learning how to make Churchkhela, Georgia’s national sweet.

What do you think of combining a restaurant visit with a cooking class? Well, then, the Georgian House is just for you!

I loved every minute of this unmissable experience! I’m talking about a traditional Georgian cooking class, focusing on khinkali, khachapuri, and churchkhela.

In the end, we had a hearty feast, with more food than would be advisable to consume.

Khinkali no restaurante Georgian House.
Khinkali at Georgian House.
Comida típica da Geórgia: Jonjoli.
Traditional Georgian Food: Jonjoli.
Queijo Sulguni.
Sulguni cheese.
Adjarian khachapuri.
Adjarian khachapuri.
Salsichas georgianas.
Georgian sausages.

Quirky cafés to check out in Tbilisi

Café Linville, em Tbilisi.
Cafe Linville, in Tbilisi.
Sair com amigos em Tbilisi: Café Linville.
Hanging out with friends in Tbilisi: Linville Café.
Linville, em Tbilisi.
Linville Cafe, in Tbilisi.
Tomar café em Tbilisi.
Having coffee in Tbilisi.
Strudel de maçã no Café Linville, em Tbilisi.
Apple strudel at Cafe Linville in Tbilisi.
Decoração retro no no Café Linville, em Tbilisi.
Retro decor at Café Linville in Tbilisi.

At a time when cafes seem to have come out of a factory, as they are all the same or very similar, I was excitedly told about Linville.

The best way I have to describe this place to you is to say that Linville has an antique shop feel to it. Or, like the home of a wealthy great aunt!

In a good sense, which is like saying that we can find treasures at any moment.

In this case, the relics take the form of slices of apple strudel and steaming coffee in cups decorated with little flowers.

It was no surprise to me that I realized Linville hasn’t changed, at least, in the last 10 years. After all, why change something so unique and special?

Going out at night in Tbilisi

Bar Fabrika Tiblíssi.
Bar Fabrika Tiblíssi.
Sair à noite com amigos: Fabrika Tiblíssi.
Nightlife in Tbilisi: Night Out with Friends at Fabrika Tbilisi.
Grupo de amigos Fabrika Tiblíssi.
Group of friends at Fabrika Tbilisi.
Zona mais tranquila Fabrika Tiblíssi.
Quiet area at Fabrika Tbilisi.

Here are some suggestions of places I visited at night in Tbilisi and recommend.

Firstly, Chveni, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article.

Then, Fabrika Tiblíssi, a popular hostel located in an old factory, hence the name.

The bar is quite popular among groups who, with a drink in hand, chat throughout the night.

The wooden pallets scattered around the terrace serve as improvised benches when the tables are full, but everyone refuses to leave that space.

Black Dog Bar, em Tbilisi.
Black Dog Bar, in Tbilisi.
Sair à noite em Tbilisi: entrada para o Black Dog Bar.
Nightlife in Tbilisi: Black Dog Bar.

The Black Dog Bar is another lively spot for a night out with friends, to grab a beer, and have a bite to eat.

The long wooden tables are conducive to conversations with strangers, and the only inconvenience I found was that it gets noisy when it’s crowded.

However, the Black Dog Bar is located in an area with several other bars, which means you can easily hop over to the next bar if you feel like it.

Is it safe to go out alone at night in Tbilisi?

Andar de Bolt em Tbilisi, à noite.
Taking a Bolt ride in Tbilisi at night.

Georgia is a relatively safe country, so if you take basic precautions, I believe you won’t have any problems.

I traveled alone to Tbilisi and never felt unsafe. I also went out at night for dinner and drinks with friends, and everything went smoothly.

However, I must say that after sunset, I didn’t walk alone on the streets for long distances.

This doesn’t mean it’s unsafe, just that personally, I preferred to call a Bolt. The good news is that using Bolt in Tbilisi is quite affordable.

Check out how Uber and Bolt work in Georgia.

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*I had the opportunity to explore some of the restaurants I mentioned before during tours organized by the Georgian Tourism Board and as part of the Traverse Events, while others I visited on my own.

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