15 Best Tours from Tbilisi. Top destinations to explore in Georgia

Fortaleza de Ananuri, na Estrada Militar Georgiana.
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Here are the best tours from Tbilisi for those who want to explore Georgia without having to rent a car.

After all, the size of the country makes it possible to visit all regions on day trips from the capital.

In other words, while I believe having a rented car allows for more freedom to explore Georgia, I acknowledge that driving on the country’s roads can be challenging.

Therefore, here are my suggestions for those who want to discover the country through excursions and tours.

Of course, if you prefer to visit places independently, you can do so on a day trip with a rented car. So, use this information as you see fit.

Find out how to rent a car in Georgia.

Best Tours from Tbilisi

Visit the Chronicle of Georgia Monument and see the Sea of Tbilisi

Monumento do escultor Zurab Tsereteli. Tours de Tbilisi.
Chronicle of Georgia. Monument by sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.
Inscrições georgianas e figuras de santos.
Georgian inscriptions and figures of saints.
Crónica de Geórgia, conhecida como stonehenge de Tbilisi. Tours de Tbilisi.
Chronicle of Georgia, known as the Stonehenge of Tbilisi. Tours from Tbilisi.
Ordens Jónicas, duas grandes colunas no Monumento Crónicas de Geórgia.
Ionic orders, two large columns at the Chronicle of Georgia Monument.
Mar de Tbilisi (lago artificial).
Tbilisi Sea (artificial lake).

The Chronicle of Georgia Monument is also known as the Stonehenge of Tbilisi and is located about 11 km from Tbilisi.

Moreover, this is the best place to see the Tbilisi Sea, which is actually an artificial lake.

From the photos, I think you can grasp how imposing this monument is and the significance of the place.

Therefore, due to its proximity to the capital, I recommend visiting it on a tour that includes the center of Tbilisi or nearby cities.

In other words, my tour recommendations departing from Tbilisi are as follows:

Visit Mtskheta and the UNESCO-listed Monasteries: Svetitskhoveli, Samtavro and Jvari

Ruas em Mtskheta, Geórgia. Tours de Tbilisi.
Streets in Mtskheta, Georgia.
Confluência dos rios Kura e Aragv, a partir do Mosteiro Jvari.
Confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers, seen from the Jvari Monastery.
Catedral Svetitskhoveli, em Mtskheta. Tours de Tbilisi.
Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta.
Explorar a zona à volta do Mosteiro Jvari.
Explore the area around Jvari Monastery.

Mtskheta was the first capital of Georgia and is one of the oldest cities in the country.

It boasts a charming historic center, with streets filled with small souvenir shops and restaurants that surround the walls of the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

It is believed that this cathedral houses the burial site of Jesus Christ’s mantle and is where you can see a piece of the cross of Christ.

In Mtskheta, you can also visit the Jvari Monastery and the Samtavro Monastery, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

As for tours departing from Tbilisi to explore Mtskheta, here are my suggestions:

Exploring Kazbegi and the Georgian Military Highway

Stepantsminda (Kazbegi).
Visitar a Igreja da Trindade Gergeti. Tours de Tbilisi.
Visiting the Gergeti Trinity Church.
Igreja da Santíssima Trindade Gergeti, na Estrada Militar Georgiana.
Gergeti Trinity Church, on the Georgian Military Highway.
Conduzir na Geórgia no inverno.
Driving in Georgia in winter.
Fortaleza de Ananuri, na Estrada Militar Georgiana. Tours de Tbilisi.
Ananuri Fortress on the Georgian Military Highway.
Monumento da Amizade Rússia-Geórgia, na Estrada Militar Georgiana. Tours de Tbilisi.
Monument of Russian-Georgian Friendship on the Georgian Military Highway.

The Georgian Military Highway connects Tbilisi to the border with Russia, specifically in the Kazbegi mountain region.

Mount Kazbegi and the small Gergeti Trinity Church are two of the main tourist attractions in the region, although exploring the entire route of the Georgian Military Highway is worthwhile.

While I visited Kazbegi on a day tour from Tbilisi, looking back, I realize that I would have preferred to stay at least one night in the area.

In fact, the Rooms Hotel Kazbegi (4 stars), a boutique hotel with a pool, restaurant, and terrace overlooking the Gergeti Monastery, seemed like an excellent base for exploring the region.

Nevertheless, here are my suggestions for tours from Tbilisi to visit Kazbegi:

Explore the wine region: Kakheti

Vinho da região de Kakheti (Geórgia). Tours de Tbilisi.
Wine from the Kakheti region (Georgia).
Prova de vinhos georgianos (vinho tinto).
Georgian wine tasting (red wine).
Prova de vinhos georgianos (vinho ambar).
Georgian wine tasting (ambar wine).

For wine enthusiasts keen on exploring the vinicultural history of the region, a trip to Kakheti is a must.

Furthermore, I have good news to share with you, as you can choose from several wineries to visit and enjoy wine tastings.

So, if that’s the case for you, here are my tour recommendations from Tbilisi for lovers of this drink:

Visiting Armenia from Tbilisi

Visitar Erevan, a capital da Arménia.
Visiting Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, on a tour from Tbilisi (Georgia).
Mosteiro Haghpat, na Arménia. Património UNESCO. Tours de Tbilisi.
Haghpat Monastery in Armenia. UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Tours from Tbilisi).
Tour de Tbilisi para a Arménia.
Tbilisi to Armenia Tour.
Lago Sevan, na Arménia.
Lake Sevan, in Armenia.

If you want to visit two countries on a single trip, then know that it’s perfectly possible to explore a bit of Armenia on a day tour from Tbilisi.

In fact, that’s what I did, as I was traveling alone and didn’t want to venture into a country I didn’t know without company.

So, I left the capital of Georgia around 7:30 a.m. and returned after 10 p.m. I visited the Haghpat Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lake Sevan, where the Sevanavank Monastery is located on its shores, and the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

It was many hours of travel, indeed, but I loved every minute of it. The tour I took was the first on the list below, but there are others that are also interesting:

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*I visited Kazbegi and the Chronicles of Georgia on tours organized by the Georgian Tourism Board and as part of the Traverse Event. The remaining places I visited on my own.

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