Is there Uber in Tbilisi, Georgia? No, but there’s Bolt!

Viajar de Bolt em Tbilisi.
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Now that you know Uber isn’t available in Tbilisi, Georgia, here’s everything you need to know to use Bolt in this city.

However, if you’re already a frequent user of this type of app, I appreciate you reading this paragraph, but I believe you won’t gain much value from what I have to share.

Besides mentioning that Bolt in Tbilisi works very well, with many cars available even during the night and early morning, and the prices are very attractive!

But if you don’t usually use apps like Uber, Bolt, Cabify, 99, Blablacar, to name a few examples, then keep reading.

So, in this article, I’ll share with you the necessary information to feel comfortable ordering a Bolt in Tbilisi. Ready for it?

All set to use Bolt in Tbilisi, Georgia?

Tbilisi, a capital da Geórgia.
Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
Bolt e autocarros em Tbilisi, Geórgia.
Bolt and buses in Tbilisi, Georgia.

As I mentioned, this article is for those who don’t usually use transportation apps, so the first thing to do is to download the Bolt app to your mobile phone.

By the way, if it were for Uber, the process and recommendations are exactly the same!

A note: when entering your card details for payments, I recommend using a card like Revolut that allows foreign currency payments without fees.

The last thing you’ll want is to get home and realize you paid a fortune in fees with your national debit card.

Upon arriving at Tbilisi Airport, I suggest buying an internet card, as Georgia is not included in European roaming plans.

Comprar cartão SIM no Aeroporto de Tbilisi, para internet na Geórgia.
Buying a SIM card at Tbilisi Airport for internet in Georgia.
Comprar cartão SIM telemóvel no Aeroporto de Tbilisi, Geórgia.
Buying a mobile SIM card at Tbilisi Airport, Georgia.

To call a car, open the Bolt app on your phone, select the destination, and available vehicles in the area, along with their respective prices, will appear.

Usually, the first option presented is the best choice in terms of price and response time, meaning it’s the most economical car closest to you.

However, before making your selection, I recommend checking all available options, as you might save a few euros for just a few minutes of waiting.

Payment is automatically deducted from the card associated with the Bolt app. If necessary, you can cancel the trip, but you’ll still have to pay a portion of the agreed-upon fare.

At the end of the ride, you have the option to leave a review of the service and give a tip to the driver.

How does Bolt work in Georgia?

Viajar de Bolt em Tbilisi.
Traveling by Bolt in Tbilisi.

Bolt in Tbilisi works very well! In fact, during the 10 days I spent in the country, I used Bolt several times as I found it quite economical and convenient.

Both on solo Bolt rides and in groups, the drivers were courteous, even when they clearly didn’t speak English and I couldn’t communicate with them.

It’s worth noting that this type of service was born precisely out of the difficulty of communication sometimes felt in a foreign country.

In reality, passengers don’t need to speak to the Bolt or Uber driver, as all the necessary information for transportation is available in the app.

Another thing I particularly liked about Bolt in Tbilisi was the fact that there were many cars available, both during the day and at night.

Does Bolt in Tbilisi operate at night?

Andar de Bolt em Tbilisi, à noite.
Bolt in Tbilisi at night.

Bolt in Tbilisi operates both during the night and in the early morning, which is excellent, especially for trips to the airport.

There are many flights departing and arriving at Tbilisi Airport during the early hours, so using Bolt is almost mandatory.

Is it worth taking Bolt from the airport to the center of Tbilisi?

Paragem de autocarros no Aeroporto Internacional de Tbilisi.
Bus stop at Tbilisi International Airport, with a Bolt vehicle.
Levantar bagagem no Aeroporto Internacional de Tbilisi.
Baggage claim at Tbilisi International Airport.

While it’s possible to use public transport from Tbilisi Airport to the city center, I honestly believe it’s worth calling a Bolt.

Keep in mind that the bus doesn’t operate during the early hours when major international flights arrive.

Additionally, I find Bolt prices in Tbilisi to be reasonable.

Just to give you an idea, for the Bolt ride from the airport to the center of Tbilisi, I paid 25.90 GEL, which is approximately €9.

So, considering it’s a 20-25 minute journey, it seemed quite acceptable to me.

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