Aceredo Spain: the ruins submerged by the Lima River

Aceredo Espanha.
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Last Updated on 2023-03-13

The village of Aceredo Spain was submerged in 1992 with the construction of the Alto Lindoso Dam, between the municipalities of Ponte da Barca, on the Portuguese side, and Ourense, on the Spanish side.

The water spot got smaller, and now the entire village is out of the water and in plain sight.

That’s why they call it the Atlantis of Galicia!

It quickly became a tourist attraction in Galicia, as both Portuguese and Spaniards went to see the ruins of Aceredo.

What to see in the old village of Aceredo

Atlântida Galega.
Atlantis of Galicia.

When you see Aceredo for the first time, there is a mixture of feelings. On the one hand, the wonder of discovering a place hidden underwater, and on the other hand, the horror of abandonment and scarcity of water.

Aceredo looks like a ghost village, with ruins of houses and mud that turn to dry powder when the water evaporates.

The houses are still in a relatively good state of conservation, considering that they have been underwater for three decades.

Most houses keep the walls intact, and the streets appear normal. Be careful when exploring the ruins of the sunken village, as accidents happened not long ago.

A few meters from the village, you can see the old fields, as well as a bridge.

What impressed us the most was the water source that continues to flow even though no one lives there.

To have a good look at the village, stop the car at the Miradouro do Encoro de Lindoso, before the bridge. You can also go to the viewpoint of the old village of Aceredo on the right side of the road when you start to descend towards the village.

The Aceredo Trail

If you like to walk, you will be pleased to know that there is a trail that allows you to explore the ancient village of Aceredo on foot.

Start in the new village of Aceredo and head towards the ruins. In total, there is about eight km of paths and unexpected discoveries, such as the bridge, one abandoned car near the village, and some garbage and cans in the mix.

If you decide to do this hike, be careful not to stray from the main paths to avoid accidents.

Things to Do near Aceredo

After visiting Aceredo, you can enjoy the rest of the day to get to know other places in the region.

So, towards Lindoso, you will pass through Escusalla (6 km), an interesting abandoned place. The stone ruins covered by vegetation give it an enchanted air.

Also, you can visit the Lindoso Castle and Espigueiros and explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

On the Spanish side, go for a dip in Caldas de Lobios and visit the ruins of Aquis Origins, about 7 km from Aceredo.

How to get to Aceredo in Spain

Caldas de Lobios (Espanha).
Caldas de Lobios (Spain).

Leaving Porto by car, drive along the A3 to Braga, continue to Ponte da Barca and then Lindoso. Continue along the N304-1 until you cross the border to Aceredo.

Hotels and restaurants near Aceredo Spain

You can choose to sleep in Lobios and enjoy the thermal baths or stay in the beautiful village of Ponte da Barca.

If you prefer a hotel in Ponte da Barca, we recommend the Hotel Fonte Velha next to the Lima River, and for dinner, there is nothing better than an experience at the Vai à Fava Restaurant.

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