Travel guide to the Bahamas

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Travel guide to the Bahamas

Everything you need to know to plan a trip to the Bahamas.

Useful information and travel tips to prepare your trip to the Bahamas.


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The Bahamas is a Caribbean country formed by more than 700 islands, cayos and islets and belongs to Central America.

How to prepare a trip to the Bahamas

Travel guide to the Bahamas

Capital: Nassau, Currency: Bahamian dollar (BSD).

Payments and ATM: ATM machines can be found in most areas, but to save on taxes and exchange rates we recommend using the Revolut card.

Language: The official language of the Bahamas is English.

Population: + 401 thousand inhabitants.

Time zone: UTC-5.


Best time of the year to visit the Bahamas

The Bahamas has a semi-humid tropical savanna climate, which means it is warm most of the year.

However, it sometimes suffers from the season of tropical storms and hurricanes.

Thus it has a pleasant climate all year round, the best time of the year to visit the Bahamas is from December to April.

Best way to visit the Bahamas

You can hire a guide who will accompany you through the country or alternatively you can hire a car and make the crossings between islands by ferry to enjoy more freedom.

Travel tips

  • Keep in mind that the Bahamas is one of the richest countries in America, after the United States and Canada, so prices tend to be expensive.
  • Freeport and Nassau are very popular cruise ports, so we suggest you consider taking a Caribbean cruise from there.

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