Things To Do in Nassau, Bahamas, on a MSC Cruise Stop

O que fazer em Nassau, Bahamas: descobrir praias de sonho.
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Here’s the best things to do and visit in Nassau, Bahamas, on a MSC cruise stop.

Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas and a true paradise on earth, a former pirate haven with warm, crystal-clear waters!

I had the opportunity to visit Nassau during a Caribbean cruise stop, and I loved every minute of it. The Caribbean cruise I chose was on the MSC Divina, and I highly recommend this ship for those looking for good value for money.

By my choice, I decided to book the excursions in advance directly with MSC. Therefore, I didn’t have much choice regarding activities to do in Nassau.

This doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it; as I mentioned before, I really liked the cruise stop in Nassau.

However, I think it’s important to make clear that by choosing another tour in Nassau, your experience will certainly be different.

Regarding purchasing tours through the cruise lines, it’s true that the tours are more expensive this way, but I wanted some security, so I preferred to bear the extra cost.

Without further ado, continue reading this article to see how the visit to Nassau went during a cruise stop, as well as the day we spent at the beach on Balmoral Island.

Best Things To Do in Nassau, Bahamas

Discovering paradise beaches

Praia em Balmoral Island, Nassau, Bahamas.
Beach at Balmoral Island, Nassau, Bahamas.
Praia nas Bahamas.
Beach in the Bahamas.
Passar um dia em Balmoral Isaland. Tour do cruzeiro MSC.
Spending a day at Balmoral Island. MSC cruise tour.
Turistas em Balmoral Island.
Tourists at Balmoral Island.
Raias nas Bahamas.
Stingrays in the Bahamas.
Barco no Resort Sandals, nas Bahamas.
Boat at the Sandals Resort in the Bahamas.
Resort Sandals, nas Bahamas.
Sandals Resort in the Bahamas.
Descontrair no Mar das Caraíbas, nas Bahamas.
Relaxing in the Caribbean Sea, in the Bahamas.
O que fazer em Nassau, Bahamas: descobrir praias de sonho.
Things to do in Nassau, Bahamas: Discover dream beaches.
Água transparente nas Bahamas.
Crystal-clear waters in the Bahamas.

The beaches of the Bahamas are renowned for being among the most beautiful in the world, and I tend to agree with this idea.

You may have heard of Tropic Of Cancer Beach, Cable Beach, Junkanoo Beach, Arawak Beach, Cabbage Beach, Taino Beach, Paradise Beach, or the somewhat controversial Bahamas Pig Beach. All these beaches have what you’d expect from a Caribbean beach: warm, crystal-clear water, few or no waves, and fine sand.

However, if you’re on a cruise, it’s not very easy to visit these beaches. So, if you’re staying in the Bahamas for a few days, I recommend taking note of the beaches I mentioned so you can visit them.

But if you’re on a cruise day tour, your choices of beaches are more limited. I visited Balmoral Island, a private island, and I really enjoyed it. I’ll share all about my experience on this private island later in the article.

Snorkeling and other water sports in Nassau

Fazer snorkeling em Nassau, Bahamas.
Snorkeling in Nassau, Bahamas.
Foto de baixo de água. Ver o fundo do mar nas Bahamas.
Underwater photo. Seeing the seabed in the Bahamas.
Águas azul turquesa das Bahamas.
The turquoise blue waters of the Bahamas.

Have you ever imagined snorkeling in the paradisiacal beaches of the Bahamas? Well, I never thought I would have this luxurious opportunity, but I was able to check this activity off my bucket list.

The crystal-clear water of the Bahamas is perfect for snorkeling, and you don’t need any equipment other than goggles.

We brought our goggles in our luggage, as we had the chance to snorkel at various destinations on this cruise, but I must say the best place of all was the Bahamas.

The fact that the waves were almost nonexistent and the water was so clear made this activity unforgettable. Therefore, I highly recommend including snorkeling on your list of things to do in Nassau, Bahamas.

Spend the day at the Aquaventure Water Park, the amusement park of the Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel, em Nassau.
Atlantis Hotel, in Nassau.
Porto de cruzeiros de Nassau e o Hotel Atlantis.
The cruise port of Nassau and the Atlantis Hotel.

Even though I’m not a big fan of amusement parks or water parks, I recognize that the Aquaventure Water Park at the Atlantis Hotel can be a good choice for those visiting the Bahamas on a cruise.

So, if this is your “thing,” you can easily take a tour of the Atlantis while on a cruise.

And what can you expect from a day at the Atlantis amusement park in the Bahamas? Well, slide down the water slides, relax on lazy river rides, and let the current carry you as you enjoy the lush surroundings.

Additionally, cool off in the park’s various pools, and between dips, venture onto the Atlantis’s paradisiacal beaches.

Tax-free shopping

Nassau Straw Market, fazer compras em Nassau.
Nassau Straw Market, shopping in Nassau.

Take home some souvenirs from your trip to the Bahamas, and the best place for that is downtown Nassau.

Exploring downtown Nassau during a cruise stop provides a rich and diverse experience.

This lively urban center in the Bahamas reflects the vibrant culture of the archipelago.

By visiting this area, tourists have the chance to dive into the region’s history and appreciate British colonial architecture, such as the famous Parliament Square.

As mentioned, the streets are filled with local craft shops, providing the perfect opportunity to buy souvenirs and discover Bahamian art.

Additionally, the Straw Market is a must-visit spot for traditional crafts and unique souvenirs.

Exploring downtown Nassau

Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, no centro de Nassau.
Christ Church Anglican Cathedral in downtown Nassau.
Pompey Square.
Pompey Square.
Viajar com crianças para Nassau, Bahamas.
Traveling with children to Nassau, Bahamas.
Explorar o centro de Nassau.
Exploring downtown Nassau.

I previously mentioned some characteristics of downtown Nassau, but to emphasize that I really believe it’s worth visiting, here are more tips on what to do in Nassau.

History enthusiasts can explore the Nassau Museum, which is full of pieces and artifacts that showcase the region’s past.

Additionally, don’t miss the chance to relax in the Ardastra Gardens, known for their elegant pink flamingos.

In other words, there are many reasons to visit downtown Nassau during a cruise stop, as the warm atmosphere, amazing shops, and rich cultural heritage are excellent reasons for travelers who prefer to explore beyond the paradisiacal beaches.

Try the traditional Bahamian cuisine

Navios de cruzeiro atracados no Porto de Nassau.
Cruise ships docked at Nassau Port (MSC Divina and Carnival Liberty).

Gastronomy is another highlight when stopping in Nassau during your cruise trip.

The good news is that near the embarkation port, there are several restaurants serving typical Bahamian dishes, such as fried conch and crab stew.

My experience at the Balmoral Island tour in Nassau, Bahamas

Quatro navios atracados no Porto de Nassau.
Four ships docked at Nassau Port.
Fazer um tour nas Bahamas: Balmoral Island.
Taking a tour in the Bahamas: Balmoral Island.
Balmoral Island.
Balmoral Island.
Passeio de barco para conhecer praias nas Bahamas.
Boat tour to explore beaches in the Bahamas.
Praias paradisíacas em Nassau, Bahamas.
Beaches in Nassau, Bahamas.
À procura das melhores praias em Nassau, Bahamas.
In search of the best beaches in Nassau, Bahamas.

Unfortunately, the disembarkation in Nassau was a bit chaotic for those who chose the Balmoral Island tour in the Bahamas! As soon as we left the ship, we were aggressively approached by vendors selling travel packages to various places in Nassau.

However, this hustle and bustle didn’t stop us from enjoying Festival Place, a charming spot right next to the pier where colorful booths are set up.

Festival Place is the perfect place to buy unique handicrafts.

Tip: If you’re willing to take a chance, I imagine the prices offered by these tour vendors might be cheaper compared to MSC’s. Nevertheless, I chose not to take the risk.

Additionally, a few meters ahead, you’ll find small shops also selling trips to the most popular beaches.

Next, we took a boat to Balmoral Island where we spent the day on the beach, enjoying snorkeling and swimming.

Tips to make the most of your day in the Bahamas

Welcome to Nassau, the Bahamas.
Welcome to Nassau, the Bahamas.

At the end of the day, we returned to Nassau, where we had some free time before boarding the MSC cruise again.

We suggest spending this time exploring downtown Nassau.

On the other hand, if you enjoy shopping during your travels, note that the Bahamas are a tax-free paradise, and besides Festival Place, you can shop on Bay Street.

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