George Town: A Must-See Stop on Your Cayman Islands Cruise

Visitar George Town num tour de cruzeiro às Ilhas Caimão.
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What to do in George Town during a cruise stop in the Cayman Islands?

So, you’re thinking about taking a Caribbean cruise and looking for information about this magnificent destination?

You’ve come to the right place because I’ve gathered everything you need to know to plan a dream trip in this travel guide.

George Town is the capital of the Cayman Islands and is located on Grand Cayman. It’s a cosmopolitan city with a Caribbean flavor and, surprisingly, very sophisticated.

The Cayman Islands are a tax haven, making them a highly sought-after destination for millionaires, both to live and to spend some time.

Therefore, don’t be surprised by the luxury hotels and high-end cars on the streets of this small Caribbean island.

What to do and see in George Town, Cayman Islands

Chegar a George Town de barco.
Arriving in George Town by boat.
O que fazer em George Town, Ilhas Caimão: explorar praias de sonho.
What to do in George Town, Cayman Islands: Explore Dream Beaches.
Explorar as praias de George Town.
Exploring the beaches of George Town.
Relaxar na praia em George Town.
Relaxing on the beach in George Town.
Praias de sonho em George Town.
Dream beaches in George Town.
Iguana numa árvore.
Iguana in a tree.
Ver iguanas nas praias de George Town.
Seeing iguanas on the beaches of George Town.
Iguana a passear na praia nas Ilhas Caimão.
An iguana strolling on the beach in the Cayman Islands.
Uma iguana de perto.
A close-up of an iguana.

Swimming at Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach, nas Ilhas Caimão.
Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands.
Praia Seven Mile Beach.
Seven Mile Beach.
Praia com cadeiras nas Ilhas Caimão.
Beach with chairs in the Cayman Islands.
Férias na praia nas Cayman Islands.
Beach vacation in the Cayman Islands.
Tiki Beach, clube de praia em George Town.
Tiki Beach, beach club in George Town.
Iguanas nas Ilhas Caimão.
Iguanas in the Cayman Islands.

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Cayman Islands!

It is an extensive crescent-shaped stretch of coral sand located on the western end of Grand Cayman island.

In 2015, it was awarded the title of “Best Beach in the Caribbean,” which speaks volumes about its beauty and popularity.

Despite the name Seven Miles, which corresponds to about 10 km, this beach is actually roughly 11 km long.

Well, it’s just numbers, because whether it’s 10 or 11 km, the fact is that it is a very long beach!

Moreover, this region of the Cayman Islands is considered the most developed area of Grand Cayman, as it is home to most of the resorts and luxury hotels.

Explore downtown George Town

Hard Rock Café em George Town.
Hard Rock Cafe in George Town.
Bay Shore Mall, fazer compras em George Town.
Bay Shore Mall, shopping in George Town.
Centro comercial com lojas e restaurantes no centro de George Town.
Shopping center with shops and restaurants in downtown George Town.

Although not large, the downtown area of George Town in the Cayman Islands is well worth a visit.

The advantage is that you can perfectly stroll around the center after a few hours on the beach and before returning to the cruise ship.

So, my favorite places in downtown George Town are, on one hand, the Cayman Islands National Museum for those who love learning about local history and culture. It has interactive exhibits and significant artifacts that are worth seeing!

Additionally, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is a natural haven for visitors to explore at a leisurely pace, paying attention to the exotic plants that grow there.

The Conch Shell House is a unique attraction known for its peculiar architecture, as it is built with sea conch shells.

Finally, don’t forget the George Town cruise port, which, besides being busy, has several duty-free shops and boutiques, as well as restaurants to explore Caribbean cuisine by the sea.

In other words, it’s your last chance to shop in the Cayman Islands before returning to the ship bound for the next port.

Everything you need to know before traveling to George Town, Cayman Islands

Navio MSC atracado no Porto de George Town, em Cayman Islands.
MSC ship docked at the Port of George Town, in the Cayman Islands.
Welcome to the Cayman Islands.
Welcome to the Cayman Islands.
O melhor de George Town: o Mar das Caraíbas.
The best of George Town: the Caribbean Sea.
Iguana a apanhar sol.
Iguana sunbathing.
Conduzir em George Town.
Driving in George Town.
Lojas e restaurantes perto do Porto de George Town.
Shops and restaurants near the port.

Is there a specific recommended season to visit George Town?

George Town has a tropical climate all year round, with average temperatures ranging from 24°C to 33°C.

Thus, the milder months, from March to June, are recommended for those who want to avoid very high temperatures.

However, it is worth mentioning that due to the consistent climate, the city has attractions in any season, allowing visitors to enjoy the local beauty and Caribbean culture at any time of the year.

Melhor altura para viajar para George Town, nas Ilhas Caimão.
Best time to travel to George Town, in the Cayman Islands.
Praia quase deserta em George Town.
Nearly deserted beach.
Porto onde chegam embarcações pequenas em George Town.
Port where small boats arrive in George Town.

What is the official currency of the Cayman Islands?

The official currency of the Cayman Islands is the Cayman Islands Dollar.

To exchange euros for Cayman Islands Dollars, it is recommended to do so at local exchange offices or banks.

However, many establishments and shops also accept payments in euros, but the exchange rate may be less favorable. Therefore, avoid street transactions and always use official places for currency exchange.

Additionally, credit card payments are accepted in the Cayman Islands, with Visa and MasterCard being the most common brands.

In any case, using Revolut is also a convenient option for transactions, both for withdrawing money from ATMs and for payments in stores.

I also recommend having some Cayman Islands Dollars on hand for expenses at local establishments.

The Island Plaza Tax Free Shopping Mall. Ir às compras sem pagar impostos em George Town.
The Island Plaza Tax Free Shopping Mall. Shopping without paying taxes.
Visitar as Ilhas Caimão, nas Caraíbas.
Visiting the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

What languages are spoken in the Cayman Islands?

The official languages are English and Spanish.

Do you need an adapter for electrical outlets in the Cayman Islands?

The electricity is 110V, and the outlets in George Town are similar to those in the USA. Therefore, if you are traveling from Portugal, you will need an outlet adapter.

When is hurricane season in George Town?

Hurricane season in the Cayman Islands runs from May to November, so be prepared for challenging weather conditions that may arise during this period.

Our experience visiting George Town on a Cayman Islands cruise tour.

Visitar George Town num tour de cruzeiro às Ilhas Caimão.
Visiting George Town on a cruise tour of the Cayman Islands.
Cruzeiro MSC ao largo de George Town, nas Ilhas Caimão.
MSC cruise off George Town, in the Cayman Islands.
Praticar desportos náuticos nas Cayman Islands.
Engage in water sports in the Cayman Islands.

When we arrived in the Cayman Islands, we could hardly believe it was pouring rain!

As usual, we had breakfast, headed to the meeting point, and waited for the group to depart.

Initially, we had chosen a tour that included a boat ride to a sandbar where they usually feed giant stingrays and an afternoon at Tiki Beach.

This tour seemed perfect, and the kids were eager to swim with the stingrays.

But the tour was canceled because the adverse weather conditions didn’t allow the boats to go out.

So, they offered us an alternative to go only to Seven Mile Beach.

When we arrived at the beach, we realized it was a good choice because the beach is really beautiful, and even with occasional drizzles, we had a lot of fun.

The Cayman Islands tour also included lunch, which was served on the beach.

We spent the entire time at the beach, either in the water, on the sand, or on the beach chairs.

The sea got a bit rough during the few times it rained, but otherwise, it was calm.

Our kids (and us, of course) loved being able to play in the water freely because there were no currents or seaweed, and the temperature was perfect!

At the end of the day, we returned to the port but still had some free time in George Town to shop and stroll around.

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