Things To Do in Lamego: Cultural Capital of the Douro Region

Visitar Lamego.
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Uncover the Best Things To Do and See in Lamego, located in the remarkable Douro Valley. From stunning monuments to delectable cuisine and exquisite hotels, there’s plenty to explore.

Lamego is the second largest city in the district of Viseu, located in the Northern region of Portugal.

With a millennia-old history and a backdrop of significant events, it has been inhabited by various peoples, enriching not only its culture but also its traditions.

The city aims to establish itself as the Cultural Capital of the Douro, considering its undeniable wealth of heritage and culture. It is also part of the Portuguese Way of St. James.

In this article, I will tell you everything you can do and visit in Lamego.

With this information, you can easily create an itinerary for 1, 2, or 3 days in the region.

However, I must warn you that there is so much to see and do in Lamego that you might fall in love with the city and want to stay forever.

Best Things to Do and Visit in Lamego: well-known tourist attractions and hidden gems

Visit the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios

Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Interior do Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, em Lamego.
Things To Do in Lamego: explore the interior of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Interior do Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (detalhe do teto).
Interior of the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (ceiling detail).
Pormenor da fachada da Senhora dos Remédios, em Lamego, com a incrição da data 1761.
Detail of the façade of Senhora dos Remédios, with the inscription of the date 1761.
Pátio dos Reis, com 18 estátuas dos Reis de Israel.
Pátio dos Reis, with 18 statues of the Kings of Israel.

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios is one of the largest Marian temples in Portugal, but it’s not just devotees who visit it.

Indeed, the park and the monumental staircase are two more attractions that draw visitors to Mount São Estêvão.

By the way, if you want to have a picnic, the best place is undoubtedly at one of the many tables scattered throughout the wooded area of the park.

Explore Lamego Castle

Castelo de Lamego.
Things To Do in Lamego: visit the Lamego Castle.
Vista do Castelo de Lamego, a partir da cidade.
View of the castle from the city.
Muralhas do Castelo de Lamego.
Castle walls.
Janela com grades no Castelo de Lamego.
Window with bars in Lamego Castle.
Museu do Castelo de Lamego.
Castle of Lamego Museum.

Visiting Lamego Castle is like stepping back in time.

The building and its walls are well-preserved, and inside the Keep Tower, there’s a museum detailing the history of the site.

Moreover, the legends surrounding the castle, like the tale of Princess Ardínia, add to its allure.

On your way to the castle, don’t forget to stop by the Cistern and the Archaeological Center Porta dos Figos.

Visit Lamego Cathedral

Catedral de Lamego.
Things To Do in Lamego: visit the Lamego Cathedral.
Sé Catedral de Lamego
Painted ceilings by Nasoni, Cathedral of Lamego.
Lateral da Catedral de Lamego.
Lamego Cathedral.
Talha dourada na Catedral de Lamego.
Golden carving in the Cathedral of Lamego.
Escultura de teor sexual na Catedral de Lamego.
Erotic sculpture in Lamego Cathedral.

Lamego Cathedral is a Gothic construction that, due to its grandiosity, makes us feel small.

Indeed, the tall granite walls compel us to look up as if contemplating the sky. And if you do so inside the cathedral, you’ll see the ceiling painted by the Italian artist Nasoni, so don’t miss the chance to take a look.

Explore the Lamego Museum

Entrada para o Museu de Lamego.
Entrance to the Lamego Museum.

The Lamego Museum is a must-visit, especially if you’re traveling with school-age children.

The exhibition is organized thematically and into rooms, making it easy to move from one topic to another.

Take a Stroll in the Biological Park at Serra das Meadas

The Biological Park at Serra das Meadas is a great option for nature walks.

With 50 hectares of forested land, there’s plenty of space to explore, but please note that there’s an entrance fee to the park.

Enjoy a Sparkling Wine Tasting at Raposeira’s wine cellars

Entrada para as caves Raposeira.
Entrance to Raposeira’s wine cellars.
Espumante Raposeira.
Sparking wine Raposeira.
Visitar as Caves Raposeira.
Visit Raposeira’s wine cellar.
Museu nas Caves de Raposeira.
Raposeira’s wine cellars: see ancient artifacts related to wine.
Prova de espumante nas Caves Raposeira.
Best Things To Do in Lamego: sparkling wine tasting at Caves Raposeira.

The Raposeira Cellars are an institution in Lamego, so it’s no surprise to see tour buses regularly heading to this place.

So whether you’re a sparkling wine enthusiast or someone interested in wine tourism, I recommend adding a visit to the Raposeira Cellars to your list of things to do in Lamego.

If you’d like, besides tasting the sparkling wines, you can also take home your favorites.

Visit the Ribeiro Conceição Theater

Teatro Ribeiro Conceição.
Ribeiro Conceição Theater.
O que fazer em Lamego: conhecer o Teatro Ribeiro Conceição.
Best things to do and see in Lamego: visit the Ribeiro Conceição Theater.
Detalhe do interior do  Teatro Ribeiro Conceição.
Detail of the interior of Ribeiro Conceição Theater.
Camarotes no Teatro Ribeiro Conceição.
Ribeiro Conceição Theater.

The Ribeiro Conceição Theater operates in the former Hospital of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia, with its inauguration taking place on February 2, 1929.

In addition to hosting theater, cinema, circus, and dance performances throughout the year, which are reasons in themselves to visit the city, this theater boasts an incredible hall.

Indeed, the importance of the Ribeiro Conceição Theater is evidenced by its status as a Public Interest Property since 1997.

The similarities between this hall and Milan’s Teatro alla Scala are striking, with their golden details, grand columns, arrangement of the boxes, and the presence of a magnificent chandelier on the ceiling.

Explore the city center

Núcleo Arqueológico Porta dos Figos.
Archaeological Center Porta dos Figos.

It’s a pleasure to stroll around the old area of Lamego. And when I say old, I mean it!

After all, the cobbled streets in the center of Lamego have been walked since medieval times. It’s worth mentioning that the Interior Way of St. James passes right through the center of Lamego.

Take your time exploring the streets and alleys, always heading uphill towards the castle.

Pass beneath the Archaeological Center Porta dos Figos, peek into the castle’s cistern, and the museum.

One-Day Itinerary in Lamego

Visitar Lamego.
Best Things To do in Lamego with Family.

One day is not enough to fully explore the city, but if you’re unable to extend your stay, we’ll do our best to provide you with a comprehensive itinerary.

We suggest parking your car on Avenida Dr. Alfredo Sousa and exploring the city center on foot.

Your first stop should be the Cathedral, followed by the Museum and the Castle.

This first part will likely take up your entire morning, so we recommend taking a break for lunch at one of the city’s restaurants (more information to follow) or having a picnic in the Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Park.

In the afternoon, we suggest visiting the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, including the park and the monumental staircase.

If you’re able to stay longer in the region, then take note of the following tourist attractions in Lamego:

  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora dos Meninos do Bairro da Ponte;;
  • Church of Desterro;
  • Church and Convent of Santa Cruz;
  • Ribeiro Conceição Theater;
  • Diocesan Museum;
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Esperança;
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit;
  • Church of São Francisco, Church of Graça, Church of Santa Maria de Almacave, Church of the Monastery of Chagas de Lamego, and the Church of the Convent of Santo António;
  • Raposeira Cellars;
  • Chapel of S. Pedro de Balsemão;

What to eat in Lamego? Restaurants and typical products

Bôla de Lamego.
Bôla de Lamego at Pastelaria da Sé.

The typical gastronomy of Lamego includes oven-roasted kid, pickled trout, and “milhos” with “carne de vinha d’alhos,” which is a dish of crushed corn accompanying meat marinated in wine and seasonings such as garlic and bay leaf.

However, there’s a typical product that you really must try, which is the “bôla.”

The most traditional place to buy “bôlas” in Lamego is at the Pastelaria da Sé (next to the cathedral), and there are several options besides the traditional one.

The “bôlas” come out of the oven throughout the day, so ask which options are available at the moment.

As for restaurants in Lamego, here are my preferences:

Other places to visit near Lamego

Peso da Régua o que visitar.
Visit Régua.
Ponte Pedonal na Régua.
Pedestrian Bridge in Régua.
Museu do Douro.
Douro Museum.

Visit Peso da Régua

Peso da Régua is a beautiful place and is only 16 km from Lamego.

The landscapes along the Douro River are unforgettable, so make sure you have enough time to include a stop in Peso da Régua in your itinerary.

Visit Tarouca

The town of Tarouca is only 12 km from Lamego, so be sure to visit it.

Some quick tips on what to visit in Tarouca are: the Ucanha Tower and Medieval Bridge, the Monastery of Santa Maria de Salzedas, but also, of course, the Cristo Rei statue.

Also, if you are a wine lover, we suggest you include a visit to the Murganheira Cellars in your itinerary.

Visit Castro Daire

Located 30 km south of Lamego, Castro Daire is a village with many reasons to visit.

So, here are some tips on what to visit in Castro Daire: the Montemuro and Paiva Interpretation and Information Center, the Pombeira Waterfall, the Folgosa river beach, and also the Church of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, which is a National Monument located in the parish of Ermida.

And if you are a fan of thermal tourism, then note that in Castro Daire you will find the Carvalhal Thermal Baths, an important thermal center in the country.

Accommodation in Lamego

Mapa do Bairro do Castelo.
Map of Lamego Castle Neighborhood.

In this region, you will find different types of accommodation, such as wine estates for enotourism, luxury hotels, and also budget-friendly hotels.

After all, Lamego has so much to do and see that staying one or two nights in the city is truly a great idea.

So, here are my recommendations:

However, if you didn’t like any of these suggestions, explore the map for more options.

Hotels in Lamego, Portugal

Everything you need to know before visiting Lamego

Castanheiro com 700 anos, perto do Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Chestnut tree, 700 years old, near the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios.
Castanheiro com 700 anos, em Lamego.
Chestnut tree, 700 years old, in Lamego.

Is Lamego a town or a city?

Lamego is a city.

How many inhabitants does the city of Lamego have?

According to official statistics, Lamego has 8,848 inhabitants, making it the second largest city in the district of Viseu.

How many days are needed to visit Lamego?

Two days are enough to visit Lamego, however, don’t forget that the city is located in the Douro region and there is much to see in the surrounding areas.

Is it worth visiting Lamego?

Yes, it’s definitely worth visiting Lamego.

Located in the beautiful Douro region, it boasts several spectacular monuments to explore and great restaurants to experience.

Additionally, getting to Lamego is quite easy as the A4 highway provides a quick and convenient connection from Porto to Lamego.

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Map and how to get to Lamego?

From Porto

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