Visit Lamego Castle and Discover the Legend of Princess Ardínia

Castelo de Lamego.
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The Lamego Castle is one of the highlights of the city of Lamego, located in the Viseu district, in the North of Portugal.

It sits 543 meters above sea level, offering an excellent natural viewpoint of the city.

There are several legends associated with this castle, with the most famous being the legend of the Moorish Princess Ardínia, which we recount throughout this text.

Designated as a National Monument since 1910, it also houses a museum in the Keep Tower.

As visiting this magnificent castle is truly worthwhile, here is a travel guide with all the information you need to know, including opening hours.

So, are you joining us on this journey?

Visit Lamego Castle

Entrada para o Castelo de Lamego.
Entrance to Lamego Castle.
Muralhas do Castelo de Lamego.
Walls of Lamego Castle.
Museu do Castelo de Lamego.
Castle of Lamego Museum.
Janela com grades no Castelo de Lamego.
Window with bars at Lamego Castle.

As we mentioned before, Lamego Castle was constructed on the highest part of the city.

So, you’ll have to climb quite a bit. We parked the car on Dr. Alfredo Costa Avenue and walked the route, as we wanted to visit other places along the way, like the cistern and the Archaeological Nucleus Porta do Figos.

Once inside the walls, we started by walking along the battlements. There are steps that give access to the battlements, where you can walk safely.

Then, while waiting our turn to enter the Museum, our children were entertained with the stone-by-stone project, by Filipa Alfama, which was in the center of the square (inside the walls).

I remind you that this is a temporary exhibition, so when you visit the castle, this project may no longer be there.

So, Lamego Castle Museum is operating within the Keep Tower.

The informative pannels explain the history of the castle, as well as its importance, which greatly enriched our visit.

After all, we travel with our school-aged children and take advantage of every opportunity for them to learn.

Sé de Lamego, vista a partir do castelo.
Lamego Cathedral, as seen from the castle.

Prices to visit Lamego Castle

Entry to the castle is free.

Opening hours of Lamego Castle

The castle is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, meaning it is closed on Mondays.

The Legend of Princess Ardínia

Vista do Castelo de Lamego, a partir da cidade.
View of Lamego Castle from the city.
Castelo de Lamego (dentro de muralhas).
Lamego Castle (within the walls).

According to the legend, Ardínia was a Moorish princess who lived in the 10th century in Lamego Castle.

One day, a Christian knight named Dom Tedom came to Lamego in disguise, and the two fell in love and decided to marry.

The princess’s father disagreed with his daughter marrying a Christian, but the couple decided to flee and got married at the São Pedro de Águias convent.

When Ardínia’s father learned of the news, he killed her by the Távora River, and in despair, Dom Tedom vowed never to marry again and to fight against the Muslims.

He died shortly afterward in a battle near a small river that became known as Rio Tedo.

They say that both the Távora River and Rio Tedo sometimes turn red because of the lovers’ spilled blood.

Furthermore, the fog in the castle is interpreted as the soul of Princess Ardínia hovering over the old house.

Accommodation in Lamego

Mapa do Bairro do Castelo.
Map of the Castle District.

Lamego has so much to see and do that it’s really a good idea to stay for at least one or two nights in the city.

So, my first option is usually Quinta da Casa Amarela (4 stars), which is a rural tourism accommodation on the outskirts of the city and has a very pleasant swimming pool. It’s an excellent choice for those visiting Lamego in good weather.

If you want to stay close to the castle, then I highly recommend Hotel Solar dos Pachecos (3 stars) without reservation.

On the other hand, for those needing to charge electric cars, I recommend checking out Casa da Real Companhia (4 stars) or Lamego Hotel & Life (4 stars), as both accommodations have charging stations for electric vehicles.

Finally, for those who usually stay in luxury hotels, know that this area of the Douro has some of the most stunning hotels.

If none of these suggestions appeal to you, check out the map below with all accommodations in the region.

Hotels in Lamego, Portugal

Other monuments to visit in Lamego

Lamego Cistern

Cisterna de Lamego.
Lamego Cistern.

The Cistern of Lamego is a medieval cistern located in the Castle District.

It is in excellent condition, meaning it is not a gloomy place like many other cisterns we have visited.

The clear water flows smoothly, it is airy and well-lit, and furthermore, the visit is guided by a tour guide who explains the functioning of the cistern.

Lamego Museum

Entrada para o Museu de Lamego.
Entrance for the Lamego Museum.

The Lamego Museum is a spacious place with a remarkable art collection.

It is housed in the Former Episcopal Palace, a building that is worth a visit in itself.

The exhibition is organized into rooms, such as the Tapestry Room, the Tile Room, or even the Grão Vasco Room.

Lamego Cathedral

Catedral de Lamego.
The Cathedral in Lamego.
Lateral da Catedral de Lamego.
Lamego Cathedral.

The Lamego Cathedral is another must-see monument in the city. In fact, the imposing Cathedral doesn’t go unnoticed by anyone, so make sure to include it in your itinerary in Lamego.

Map and Hoe To Get to Lamego Castle

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