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Serra da gardunha
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Serra da Gardunha is a mountain range in Beira Baixa, spanning territories of the municipalities of Fundão and Castelo Branco, located in the Central region of Portugal.

The Regional Protected Landscape of Serra da Gardunha encompasses an area of 10,547 hectares, offering ample space for exploration.

Did you know that “Gardunha” in Arabic means refuge? There are some legends associated with this place, including tales of maidens scorned by stepmothers seeking refuge in the hills, as well as stories of victorious battles against the Moors.

While the rugged landscape and presence of caves likely contributed to the creation of these legends, there’s no doubt that Serra da Gardunha is a place that will ignite your imagination.

Moreover, it’s a region rich in spring water, with springs such as Águas do Alardo (in Castelo Novo) and Águas Fonte da Fraga (in São Vicente da Beira) being captured here.

So, are you ready to join us on this journey?

What to do and visit in Serra da Gardunha

Seeing the Gardunha Antennas

The Gardunha Antennas are a very beautiful place to visit. They are located in the heart of the mountain, so car accessibility is not easy.

There is indeed a dirt road leading to the Gardunha Antennas, but it’s best to make the journey on foot. You can park your car near the leisure area of the Guard’s House.

Having a picnic at the Guard’s House

The Guard’s House is the ideal place to spend an afternoon with the family.

There you’ll find a leisure area with plenty of tables, barbecue pits, and space to prepare food.

Moreover, the Guard’s House serves as an excellent natural viewpoint, from where you can observe the surrounding mountains.

Exploring the Roman Path of Alcongosta

Caminho Romano
Roman Path of Alcongosta

The Roman Path of Alcongosta is an ancient Roman road that would connect Alcongosta to Alpedrinha.

We love exploring historical sites like these and always take the opportunity to talk to our children about them because the truth is, without an explanation of the importance of these places, they’ll just see the stones on the ground.

The location is marked, so if you’re coming from Fundão towards the Guard’s House, you’ll find signs for the path on the left side.

Trails and Hiking. Trails in Serra da Gardunha

Trilhos da Gardunha
Hiking trails in Serra da Gardunha.

Serra da Gardunha is an incredible place for hiking enthusiasts, as there are not only many trails but also they pass through very beautiful places.

So, don’t forget your hiking boots or shoes and your water bottle, and venture out on trails with landscapes that are well worth it.

Here are some hiking trails you can do in the region:

  • PR3 FND – Rota da Pedra d’Hera
  • PR4 FND – Rota da Marateca
  • PR6 FND – Rota da Portela da Gardunha
  • PR7 FND – Rota da Cereja
  • PR8 FND – Rota do Carvalhal
  • PR9 FND – Rota dos Castanheiros

Climbing to the Viewpoints of Serra da Gardunha

Miradouro Pedra d'Hera no Fundão.
Miradouro Pedra d’Hera Viewpoint

The best views are from high places, so the viewpoints of Serra da Gardunha should be part of your itinerary.

Therefore, we recommend the Pedra d’Hera Viewpoint, perched on the mountain, from where you’ll have an incredible view of the city of Fundão, as well as the surrounding mountains.

To get there, you can follow a dirt road that is easily accessible.

Gathering chestnuts (when in season)

Serra da gardunha
Trails in Serra da Gardunha.

If you visit Gardunha in the autumn, don’t miss the opportunity to gather chestnuts.

Although chestnut production isn’t as strong as it was in the last century, the likelihood of finding chestnut groves in the Serra is very high.

In fact, we saw several groups of people gathering chestnuts the last time we visited Serra da Gardunha.

Accommodation in Serra da Gardunha

Alambique de Ouro
Alambique de Ouro Resort.

When we visited Serra da Gardunha, we chose the Alambique de Ouro Resort & SPA in Fundão, and we highly recommend it.

It’s a very comfortable family resort with a Caribbean vibe that we really enjoyed. However, there are other options, both in Fundão and in Castelo Branco.

Accommodation in Fundão

Book Alambique de Ouro Resort Hotel & SPA

Accommodation in Castelo Branco

Map and directions to Serra da Gardunha

From Lisbon

From Porto

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