Luxembourg Christmas Market 2023 and Winterlights (with video)

Natal no Luxemburgo.
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Get ready for an enchanting experience at the Luxembourg Christmas Market 2023-2024 and Winterlights!

From November 24, 2023, to January 1, 2024, the heart of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg will come alive with the festive spirit, as the markets and Winterlights event take over the four iconic squares of the capital.

Embrace the magic of seven weeks filled with joy and wonder as you explore the bustling main squares adorned with dazzling lights and adorned stalls.

The Christmas Markets offer a plethora of activities catering to every family member.

Immerse yourself in the joyful atmosphere as you wander through the markets, indulging in delectable street food and savoring the heartwarming traditional hot drinks.

Children will be captivated by a special program tailored just for them. Let them embark on a delightful journey through the enchanted forest aboard the Christmas train alongside Rudolph, play in the Winter Park, and experience the joy of the carousel of the four elements. This article holds more surprises in store.

Luxembourg truly transforms into a winter wonderland during this time of the year, leaving you spellbound. It’s an extraordinary way to conclude your year of travels, creating unforgettable memories.

So, will you accept our invitation to join us at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets and Winterlights this year? Prepare to be mesmerized and embrace the holiday spirit like never before.

How many Christmas Markets are there in Luxembourg City?

Compras nos Mercados de Natal Luxemburgueses.
Shopping at the Luxembourgish Christmas Markets.

Luxembourg City boasts a delightful array of Christmas markets, with four main ones taking center stage.

These markets include the Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart (the main market) located on the vibrant Place d’Armes, the Wantermaart (the winter market) situated on the picturesque Place de la Constituition, the Niklosmaart (the Saint Nicholas market) held at Place de Paris, and the Wanterpark (the Winter Park) nestled within Parc Kinnekswiss.

While the markets in Place de la Constituition and Place d’Armes are centrally located in the historic center, the Ville-Haute district accommodates all four markets within close proximity, allowing for seamless exploration.

To maximize your experience, we recommend following the Luxembourg Christmas Market Route, which offers a delightful journey connecting all the markets in one go.

Discover the unique highlights and opening hours of each Christmas market below, empowering you to plan your visit to Luxembourg with ease. Winterlights will guide your way as you immerse yourself in the festive ambiance and enchanting atmosphere.

Embark on a magical adventure as Winterlights illuminate the streets and squares, creating a captivating spectacle for visitors of all ages. Let the warmth of the holiday season embrace you as you stroll through the markets, indulging in traditional delicacies and sipping on mulled wine. Winterlights will be your constant companion, adding a touch of wonder to every moment.

Experience the joy and charm of Luxembourg’s Christmas markets and Winterlights, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Join us in celebrating the spirit of the season and embrace the enchantment that awaits in Luxembourg City!

Experience the Magic of the Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart: Luxembourg’s Main Christmas Market

Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart.
Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart.

The Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart is the main Christmas market in Luxembourg, situated at the heart of the city on Place d’Armes.

This festive market is renowned for its magnificent 12-meter high Christmas tree and impressive nativity scene.

Last year, the market featured a 38 stalls offering a delightful array of handcrafted products, unique Christmas gift ideas, and a wide selection of delicious food.

While exploring the market, be sure to participate in candle-making workshops at the Käerzenatelier and enjoy a joyful ride on the enchanting “Chahut des 4 éléments” carousel.

These activities add an extra element of entertainment to your visit while allowing you to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

Wantermaart: Discover the Enchanting Winter Market in Luxembourg

Mercados de Natal do Luxemburgo.

The Wantermaart, also known as the Winter Market, is a delightful Christmas market held in Luxembourg.

It takes place on Place de la Constitution and offers a variety of enchanting attractions for visitors.

Among the main highlights are the impressive 32-meter Ferris wheel, a magnificent 13-meter Christmas tree, and an array of trampolines and other games specially designed for children.

The market is adorned with vibrant lights, creating a magical ambiance that is particularly appealing to young ones.

Please note that the queue for the Ferris wheel tends to be quite long, so it is advisable to arrive early to make the most of your visit.

Niklosmaart: Immerse Yourself in the Festive Spirit at Luxembourg’s Saint Nicholas Market


The Niklosmaart, also known as the Saint Nicholas Market or Santa Claus Market, is situated on the Place de Paris in Luxembourg.

Make sure not to miss the opportunity to visit the Gruta de São Nicolau, where you can deliver your gift list to Santa Claus.

This unique experience was available last year from November 19th to December 3rd on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm.

The market offers a wide range of traditional Christmas foods and more.

You’ll find stalls serving mulled wine, both with and without alcohol, as well as various other Christmas beverages.

Additionally, there are numerous street food options available, including sausages, waffles, crepes, and hamburgers.

These delectable treats are perfect for indulging in while exploring the market’s array of souvenir stalls, Christmas decorations, and toys.

The Wanterpark: A Winter Wonderland


Discover the enchanting Wanterpark, located within Parc Kinnekswiss, Luxembourg’s municipal park.

While the ice rink was not be available last year due to the energy crisis, there are still plenty of attractions to captivate visitors of all ages.

Indulge your taste buds at the gourmet food fair, where a delightful array of culinary delights awaits. Sample delectable treats, savor a warm cup of mulled wine, and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

Families will find an abundance of activities to enjoy together. Children can delight in music and games specially designed for them, while young adults can groove to the beats of a lively concert. And for those who love to showcase their singing talents, karaoke sessions will add an extra dose of fun to the Winter Park experience.

So, although the ice rink may be absent this year, the Wanterpark still promises a memorable visit, offering a magical setting and a wide range of entertainment options.

Come and immerse yourself in the joyful ambiance of Luxembourg City’s Winter Park

Embark on the Captivating Christmas Market Route in Luxembourg

Comida nos Mercados de Natal do Luxemburgo.
Street food at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets.

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit by embarking on a delightful journey along the Christmas Market Route in Luxembourg City.

Begin your adventure at Place de Paris, where the Saint Nicholas Market awaits, offering a variety of stalls filled with delectable treats, unique gifts, and the opportunity to deliver your gift list to Santa Claus himself at the Saint Nicholas Grotto.

Continue your stroll to the picturesque Place de la Constitution, home to the Wantermaart, the winter market.

Here, you can admire the towering Ferris wheel, immerse yourself in the magical lights, and delight in the jovial ambiance. Don’t forget to capture memorable moments with your loved ones as you explore the delightful attractions and games for children.

Next, make your way to the heart of the city, the iconic Place d’Armes. Discover the Lëtzebuerger Chrëschtmaart, Luxembourg’s main Christmas market.

Marvel at the magnificent 12-meter Christmas tree and the grand nativity scene. Explore the diverse array of 38 stalls, offering handcrafted products, unique Christmas gifts, and an array of delectable culinary delights. Engage in candle-making workshops or take a whirl on the captivating “Chahut des 4 éléments” carousel.

Conclude your festive journey at Parc Kinnekswiss, where the Wanterpark awaits. While the ice rink may not be available this year, immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance of the gourmet food fair. Treat yourself to delectable culinary delights, enjoy music and games for families, and embrace the joyful atmosphere of the park.

Whether you choose to follow the suggested route or explore the central markets at Place de la Constitution and Place d’Armes, the Luxembourg Christmas Market experience is sure to create cherished memories.

Discover the Opening and Opening Hours of the Luxembourg Christmas Markets in 2023-2024

Natal no Luxemburgo.
Best Things to Do at Christmas in Luxembourg.

Mark your calendars for the much-anticipated Luxembourg Christmas Markets, set to enchant visitors from November 24, 2023, until January 1, 2024.

While the precise opening hours for this year’s markets and Winterlights are yet to be announced, let’s take a look at the schedule from the previous year as a reference:

  • Monday to Thursday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Fridays and Saturdays: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Please note that the markets will be closed on December 24th and 25th to allow everyone to celebrate the joyous holiday season with their loved ones.

Sundays at the Christmas Markets are a special treat, featuring live music concerts at various times. Additionally, the Wanterpark, the Winter Park, will be brimming with delectable gastronomic delights and captivating activities for children.

As the sun sets, be captivated by the magical display of street lights illuminating the city’s nightscape, casting a warm glow and creating a truly enchanting atmosphere for Luxembourgers and visitors alike. The mesmerizing spectacle will continue until the early days of January 2024.

What to Buy at the Luxembourg Christmas Market

Canequinhas de Glüwein (vinho quente com especiarias).
Glüwein cups.

The Luxembourg Christmas Market offers a delightful array of items that make perfect gifts for your loved ones or charming additions to your own festive decorations.

Indulge in the warm and aromatic flavors of Glüwein, a spiced mulled wine served in charming cups.

Explore the numerous stalls filled with a variety of treasures, including Christmas decorations, clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and decorative candles. You’ll find plenty of unique and thoughtful gift ideas.

Personally, I was captivated by the exquisite ornaments designed for adorning the Christmas tree. However, despite my admiration, I didn’t indulge in much shopping during my visit.

One of the highlights of the market is the bustling food court, where groups gather to chat, savor delicious treats, and enjoy festive drinks. Despite the occasional long queues, the service is efficient, ensuring that you won’t spend too much time waiting for your order.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting ambiance of the Luxembourg Christmas Market and explore the diverse offerings that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Indulge in the Flavors of Luxembourg Christmas Market

Raclette at Wanterpark.

Food and drink take center stage at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets, just like in other European festive celebrations.

Here, you’ll find a delightful array of fried foods, rich delicacies, delectable sweets, and of course, an abundance of alcoholic beverages.

While these treats may not always align with a healthy diet, they do provide a comforting respite from the winter chill that envelops the region.

One particular highlight for me was the irresistible assortment of cheeses, which proved to be a personal favorite.

Meanwhile, my eldest son couldn’t resist the savory allure of the sausages and delighted in indulging in them multiple times.

As a customary practice, visitors can place their orders at the food stalls, make their payment, and then either find a cozy spot at the available tables or simply enjoy their culinary delights while strolling through the market.

Embrace the festive spirit and savor the delectable flavors that await you at the Luxembourg Christmas Markets.

Whether you choose to sit down and savor your meal or savor it on the go, the culinary offerings are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Finding Accommodation in Luxembourg

Hotéis no Luxemburgo.
Hotels in Luxembourg.

In general, I found accommodation in Luxembourg to be on the expensive side.

Prices were higher compared to the European average for this time of year, although the affordable air travel options helped to offset this cost.

During my visit, I opted for budget accommodation that was conveniently located not far from the city center.

However, if you prefer the convenience and amenities of a hotel, I recommend considering Hotel Parc Belair or Novotel Luxembourg Kirchberg as they are both good options.

It’s worth noting that public transportation in Luxembourg is free, so you might want to consider booking a hotel that is situated further away from the city center.

This way, you can take advantage of the complimentary transport and still easily reach the Christmas markets.

If this appeals to you, I suggest looking into accommodations near the airport, such as Ibis Luxembourg Airport or Mandarina Hotel Luxembourg Airport.

If none of these options suit your preferences, I recommend checking prices and availability on the link and map bellow.

Hotels in Luxembourg.

Finding the perfect accommodation in Luxembourg is key to enjoying your visit to the Christmas markets and exploring the city at your own pace.

Getting Around in Luxembourg

Transportes gratuitos no Luxemburgo.
Free transport in Luxembourg.

Exploring the main Christmas markets in Luxembourg can easily be done on foot, as the venues are conveniently located within walking distance of each other.

However, it’s important to note that public transport in Luxembourg is free, providing you with additional convenience and flexibility during your visit.

This means you can enjoy complimentary rides on buses, trams, and trains throughout the country. It’s worth mentioning that first-class train travel and special door-to-door transport are exceptions and may not be included.

If you’re arriving at Luxembourg-Findel International Airport and heading to the city center, you can take advantage of the free transport. The fastest bus option is number 29, but buses 6, 10, 14, and 16 also provide alternatives.

Once you’re in the city, the main transportation hub is Gare Centrale, or Gare de Luxembourg-CFL, which is the central train station. From there, you’ll have access to TVG connections to Paris and regular train services to Brussels.

With free public transport and convenient connections, moving around in Luxembourg is hassle-free, allowing you to make the most of your time exploring the Christmas markets and other attractions in the city.

I use and recommend Discovercars, which is currently offering the best prices for car rentals in Luxembourg.

Check out how much it costs to rent a car in Luxembourg!

Getting to Luxembourg from the UK and the US: Convenient Travel Options

Aeroporto Internacional de Luxemburgo-Findel.
Luxembourg-Findel International Airport.

Traveling to Luxembourg from British and American destinations is relatively easy, with various transportation options available to suit different preferences and budgets.

Here’s a guide on how to reach Luxembourg from these locations:

From the United Kingdom (British destinations):

  • By Air: Several airlines offer direct flights from major UK cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham to Luxembourg-Findel International Airport. The flight duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, making it a convenient option for quick travel.
  • By Train: If you prefer a scenic journey, you can take a train from London St. Pancras International to Brussels Midi/Zuid station. From there, you can transfer to a high-speed train (TGV or Eurostar) to Luxembourg City. The total travel time is around 4-5 hours, including the transfer.

From the United States (American destinations):

  • By Air: Luxembourg-Findel International Airport is well-connected to major US cities through various airlines. You can find direct or connecting flights with layovers in major European hubs like London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam. Flight durations vary depending on the route and layover times.
  • By Transatlantic Flight and Train: Another option is to fly into a major European hub like London, Frankfurt, or Amsterdam, and then take a connecting flight to Luxembourg-Findel International Airport. Upon arrival, you can easily reach Luxembourg City by train or taxi.

It’s important to check the latest travel restrictions, visa requirements, and COVID-19 guidelines before planning your trip.

Additionally, consider booking your flights and accommodations in advance to secure the best deals and ensure a smooth journey to the beautiful country of Luxembourg.

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