Biking in Puglia (Italy) 2024: A Fun and Active Family Activity

Andar de bicicleta em Itália.
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Biking in Puglia, situated in Southern Italy, unfolds as an immensely enriching expedition, especially when navigating the scenic Valle d’Itria, renowned as the trulli-filled valley.

The escalating allure of this locale as a favored haven for cycling aficionados is undeniable, with cycling groups opting for Puglia as their preferred riding backdrop.

Within this article, I’ll recount my immersive cycling escapade through Valle d’Itria – an experience that truly captivated me.

Moreover, I’ve meticulously curated 12 diverse routes that beckon you to explore this region at your preferred pace, accommodating both your thirst for exploration and your physical endurance.

This guide encompasses not just my personal encounters, but also an array of recommended tours and tourist circuits that unveil the essence of this captivating Italian expanse.

Whether on traditional bikes or the ease of e-bikes, these choices offer an unparalleled route to submerge yourself in Puglia’s authentic charm.

Get prepared to relish the breeze against your skin as you meander through fields and villages, as we unravel the distinctive tapestry that defines the enchantment of Biking in Puglia.

Unveiling Puglia’s Beauty on Two Wheels: Cycling Through Valle d’Itria

Andar de bicicleta no Valle d'Itria.
Valle d’Itria: cycling.

Cycling in the Valle d’Itria, in Puglia, is an experience full of exciting discoveries.

But what should you anticipate from a cycling expedition in this region?

Depending on your chosen route, a multitude of breathtaking landscapes unfolds before you. From sprawling fields of ancient olive trees to secluded beaches, the Valle d’Itria offers a wealth of sights to behold.

Indeed, I find that the authentic rural essence of the Valle d’Itria truly comes alive during these cycling excursions.

Clearly marked paths ensure you won’t lose your way, guiding you along dirt trails that wind through rustic panoramas, as well as smoothly paved roads that ease your pedaling.

However, do keep in mind that the local climate can be variable, so dressing suitably and carrying water to remain hydrated is advisable.

The encouraging aspect is that the cycling opportunities cater to a wide spectrum of experience levels, accommodating everyone from beginners to seasoned riders.

Moreover, the inclusion of electric bicycle tours offers a wonderful advantage for those seeking a less strenuous experience, granting you the freedom to relish cycling while falling under the spell of this exceptionally unique locale.

The Path of Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto Pugliese: Exploring Puglia’s Charm on Two Wheels

Ciclying Tours em Puglia, Itália.
Antonio, from Puglia Ciclying Tours.

I’ve mentioned it before, and I’ll reiterate it now: biking in Puglia, Italy is an incredible experience that I enthusiastically recommend to everyone.

Pedaling through landscapes adorned with cereals and ancient olive trees, passing dry stone walls, and even encountering trulli rarely seen in brochures, offers a distinct opportunity to explore the heart of Valle d’Itria.

The route I embarked upon with Puglia Cycle Tours, known as the Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto Pugliese, traces the historical aqueduct’s path that once served as a donkey trail between Trulli di Figazzano and Martina Franca.

This circular route stands out for its safety and is particularly favored by families seeking an enjoyable outing.

If you’re intrigued by a similar adventure, I highly recommend reaching out to Puglia Cycle Tours. You can contact them via email at or by phone at +39 080 205 11 87.

Biking in Puglia: Suggested Cycling Routes

Mapa da Ciclovia dell'Acquedotto.
Map of the Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto Pugliese.

As previously mentioned, I personally undertook the Ciclovia dell’Acquedotto Pugliese route. Nevertheless, Puglia Tourism has crafted an array of 12 itineraries that have captured my attention for their allure.

These meticulously curated cycling paths provide a level of assurance when it comes to safety and reliability.

To facilitate your choice of which route to pursue, a brief description of each of these trails is provided below.

Itinerary 1: Nature both harsh and gentle

1.1. Gargano loop (total: 233 km)
1.2. From Vieste to Monte Sant’Angelo (total: 58 km)

Itinerary 2: Continuous ups and downs

From San Nicandro Garganico to Canosa di Puglia (total: 295 km)

Itinerary 3: The Imperial coast

From Manfredonia to Bari (total: 147 km)

Itinerary 4: A lunar adventure

4.1. From Margherita di Savoia to Altamura (total: 115 km)
4.2. From Canosa to Gravina (total: 78 km)

Itinerary 5: From the sea to the countryside

From Bari to Alberobello (total: 92 km)

Itinerary 6: Riding to the strains of Volare

From Bari to Brindisi (total: 136 km)

Itinerary 7: The stone of the eternal cities

From Altamura to Ostuni (total: 131 km)

Itinerary 8: In the heart of history

From Ginosa to Grottaglie (total: 90 km)

Itinerary 9: A leap between two seas

From Ostuni to Gallipoli (total: 153 km)

Itinerary 10: The wine of the Messapians

10.1. From Grottaglie to Lecce (total: 97 km)
10.2. From Brindisi to Guagnano (total: 38 km)
10.3. From Manduria to Foce del Chidro (total: 13 km)

Itinerary 11: Architectures of nature

From Lecce to Otranto (total: 78 km)

Itinerary 12: Sun, sea, and wind

Salento loop (total: 186 km)

See more information about these bike routes.

Enhancing Your Puglia Experience: Extra Activities

Bicicleta com GPS.
Biking in Puglia with GPS.

Beyond indulging in cycling escapades throughout Puglia, Italy, there lies a range of supplementary activities poised to elevate your regional encounter.

For instance, consider immersing yourself in visits to local wineries or participating in tastings of quintessential products (refer to food tasting tours below).

Conversely, should you opt to rent a bicycle and venture across the region at your own pace, don’t hesitate to pack a picnic and halt for a refreshing snack during your journey.

Safety Guidelines for Biking in Puglia

Ciclismo: recomendações de segurança.
Biking in Puglia, Italy: safety recommendations.

Planning a cycling adventure through Puglia? Ensuring your safety during the journey is paramount. The safety pointers I share here are universally applicable, whether you’re cycling in Puglia, United States, United Kigdom, or anywhere else.

First and foremost, acquaint yourself with the route in advance. Familiarize yourself with landmarks, key spots, and estimated completion times.

Frequent breaks are essential. Not only do they offer respite, but they also allow you to relish the surroundings and stay hydrated. Carry water and sip regularly.

Always don a helmet. While Puglia’s climate is generally mild, safety remains non-negotiable.

When cycling with children, ensure they’re also wearing proper helmets and adhering to safety protocols.

Respect local traffic regulations. Even in less congested areas, adhering to traffic norms and signs is crucial.

Consider wearing vivid or reflective attire for heightened visibility, especially during twilight or night rides.

Stay attuned to your surroundings. While Puglia’s routes often exude tranquility, maintaining situational awareness is vital.

In essence, adhering to these straightforward guidelines allows you to revel in a secure and enjoyable bike ride, taking in Puglia’s breathtaking landscapes.

Exploring Puglia by Bicycle: Unforgettable Tours and Rides

Anoitecer no Valle d'Ítria, Sul de Itália.
Valle d’Itria, Southern Italy.
  • Puglia Aqueduct Cycle Path. GPS E-Bike Tour with Wine Tasting: self-guided GPS tour ideal for couples, families, and friend groups. Experience the Puglia aqueduct cycle path, uncovering the allure of the Apulian aqueduct and the rural expanses of Locorotondo, Cisternino, Ostuni, and Ceglie Messapica. Conclude with a wine tasting in Locorotondo’s historic center.
  • Electric Bike Tour of Puglia Villages: Immerse yourself in the charm of Puglia’s villages through an E-Bike journey, traversing rugged routes and picturesque coastlines across the Itria Valley. Explore Alberobello, Locorotondo, Cisternino, and Martina Franca while riding an electric bike.
  • Alberobello E-Bike Tour with Focaccia and Wine: Embark on a 20 km route from Alberobello to Locorotondo, savoring a taste of authentic Apulian focaccia, freshly baked and accompanied by a glass of wine or other beverages.
  • E-bike Tour in Locorotondo with Olive Oil Mill Visit and Tasting: Delight in an electric bike tour within Locorotondo, including a visit and tasting at an olive oil mill, providing insight into the olive oil production process.
  • Electric Bike Tour of Ostuni’s Ancient Olive Trees: Explore the Plain of Ancient Olive Trees in Ostuni via an electric bike tour. Visit an olive oil farm, learn about the manufacturing process, and indulge in an olive oil tasting.
  • Guided Bike Tour of Lecce’s Highlights: Discover the highlights of Lecce on a guided bike tour, pausing to admire the Basilica of Santa Croce’s baroque architecture and other notable attractions.
  • Bari’s Treasures Bike Tour: Delve into Bari’s essence through a two-hour guided bike tour, encompassing significant landmarks like the Fish Market, the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, and the Cathedral of San Sabino.
  • Circular E-Bike Circuit between Martina Franca and Locorotondo: Embark on a three-hour journey through trulli-dotted landscapes and vineyards, culminating in Locorotondo and a delightful treat of homemade gelato.

Cycling Equipment Rental Services: Your Key to Pedal-Powered Adventures

Alugar bicicletas em Puglia, Itália.
Rent bikes in Puglia, Italy.

Puglia Cycle Tours (Putignano) / / phone +39 328 477 2837

Apulia Bike Tours – Cicloturismo in Puglia (San Vito dei Normanni) / / phone +39 0831 1721226

Ciclomurgia – 4 cycling and trek (Trani) / / phone +39 338 9881731

Madera Bike (Ostuni) / / phone +39 327 578 5185

Salento Bici Tour (Lecce) / / phone +39 392 114 4073

Cycling in Puglia offers an unforgettable adventure for families and beyond, encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle while allowing exploration of this stunning region.

*I traveled to Puglia at the invitation of Puglia Promozione as part of a press tour that included international journalists and travel bloggers.

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