Valpaços, Portugal: Wine, Folar, and Breathtaking Landscapes

Casa do Vinho
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Are you looking for suggestions on what to do and visit in Valpaços (Portugal)? Continue reading this article and see how every moment in Valpaços is an opportunity to experience the authenticity and hospitality of this unique region in the North of Portugal.

Valpaços is known for its wine and the famous Folar de Valpaços, a typical Trás-os-Montes product that has gained a reputation worldwide.

The region offers breathtaking landscapes and is a popular destination for extreme sports enthusiasts. You can also enjoy ideal river beaches under the warm sun of Trás-os-Montes or stay at a campsite to be in direct contact with nature. What more do you need for a few days of rest?

Discover what to do and visit in Valpaços, along with some exciting accommodation suggestions, including glamping options that are completely out of the box!

Will you join us on this journey through the back-the-hills of Valpaços?

Folar de Valpaços: A Taste of Tradition and Rich History

The Folar de Valpaços is a bakery product with a rich history and authentic taste.

With the prestigious Protected Geographical Indication seal, only folars produced in the municipality of Valpaços can be called Folar de Valpaços.

Made with quality ingredients, including flour, eggs, lard, and delicious Trás-os-Montes sausages like ham, sausage, or chorizo, it is baked in a wood-fired oven, offering a unique gastronomic experience.

Although tradition originally associated it with Easter, it is now enjoyed throughout the year.

If you want to be sure you are tasting a genuine Folar de Valpaços, look for the mention “Folar de Valpaços IGP” on the packaging.

Indulge in this gastronomic treasure that represents the authentic flavor of Valpaços.

Best Things To Do and Visit in Valpaços, Portugal

Casa do Vinho
Casa do Vinho in Valpaços.

Explore the Wine Culture at Casa do Vinho

A visit to Casa do Vinho is a must for wine culture enthusiasts.

This interactive museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich winemaking tradition of the Trás-os-Montes region.

Discover the unique grape varieties, learn about the microclimate, and understand the soil characteristics that contribute to the creation of highly appreciated nectars.

Families with school-aged children will find Casa do Vinho particularly fascinating, as it offers an enriching and educational experience for the younger ones.

Don’t miss this opportunity to immerse yourselves in the world of wine and enjoy a memorable time with your children.

Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Saúde (The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Health): A Breathtaking Experience

Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Saúde.
Chapel and Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Saúde.

The Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Saúde offers a truly remarkable experience for visitors to appreciate the grandeur of Valpaços, Portugal, as it is strategically located in an elevated position.

Upon arriving at the sanctuary, park your car and take a moment to explore the nearby Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, which boasts fascinating architectural details that are a must-see on your Valpaços itinerary.

Afterward, follow the path on foot, ascending the stairs to reach the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Saúde. This sacred place attracts pilgrims and the faithful seeking blessings and protection, making it a site of devotion and faith.

Even for those who may not follow a specific religious belief, the sanctuary remains a worthwhile visit.

At the top, a breathtaking view of Valpaços awaits, rewarding you with an awe-inspiring sight that captures the essence of this enchanting city.

Explore Igreja Matriz de Valpaços (the Parish Church of Valpaços)

Igreja Matriz de Valpaços.
Igreja Matriz de Valpaços.

The Mother Church of Valpaços, also known as Santa Maria Maior, stands as a true architectural jewel.

Beyond its captivating façade, the interior holds unique treasures that will surely enchant visitors.

Take your time to admire the gilded altars, beautifully contrasting with the white walls and granite vault.

But the experience doesn’t end within the walls, as the churchyard welcomes both tourists and locals to share delightful moments together.

The charming fountains and peaceful atmosphere provide the perfect opportunity to cool off and relax before continuing your exploration of Valpaços.

Praia Fluvial do Rabaçal (Rabaçal River Beach): An Idyllic Getaway

Praia fluvial do Rabaçal.
River Beach of Rabaçal.

Rabaçal River Beach is the perfect destination to create cherished memories with family or friends.

Thanks to a dam that reduces the current’s strength, the location is ideal for safe swimming and water activities.

The well-structured leisure area offers ample facilities, including tables, grills, and grassy spots, making it a delightful spot for picnics and outdoor relaxation.

Spread your towel on the soft grass and savor moments of tranquility by the river.

Don’t forget to explore the surroundings by foot, especially the scenic riverbank leading to the picturesque granite bridge, connecting the districts of Vila Real and Bragança.

Best Things To Do In Valpaços, Portugal

Ecovia do Rabaçal.
Ecovia do Rabaçal.

In summary, here are some of the latest suggestions for things to do in Valpaços:

  • Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the traditional Folar de Valpaços and sample wines from the region.
  • If you are a bike enthusiast, explore the Ecovia do Rabaçal, which offers three different trails to enjoy.
  • Take a refreshing dip at the Rabaçal River Beach, conveniently located next to the Rabaçal Camping Park.”

Itinerary for a day in Valpaços, Portugal

Ponte do Rabaçal.
Ponte do Rabaçal.

If you only have one day to explore the city of Valpaços, we recommend that you start your tour first thing in the morning, taking a walk through the historic center.

During this journey, be sure to visit some emblematic places, such as the Igreja Matriz, Casa do Vinho and the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, which offer unique experiences and a special connection to the culture and traditions of the region.

For lunch, be sure to try the famous Folar de Valpaços, a bakery product unique to this land.

By the way, my suggestion is that you buy a folar for lunch and find a quiet place to enjoy a nice picnic.

In the afternoon, go to the Rabaçal River Beach, where you will find a leisure area equipped with tables, allowing you to spend a few pleasant hours next to the calm waters of the river.

If you are a cycling fan, take advantage of the Ciclovia that passes right next to the river beach and enjoy a bike ride through the region.

With this itinerary full of experiences, you will be able to make the most of your day in Valpaços, discovering the best that this city and its surroundings have to offer.

Accomodation in Valpaços, Portugal

If, like us, you fell in love with the region, it is best to stay a few days in Valpaços and to help you choose accommodation, see the following recommendations.

The Olive Nature – Hotel & SPA da Quinta Dona Adelaide (4 stars) has a swimming pool, free use of bicycles and a super complete breakfast. It is suitable for families and for those who do not dispense with comfort and quality on a trip.

On the other hand, Casa da Aldeia da Avó, in the village of Vassal, about 4 km from Valpaços, is accommodation for those who appreciate the simplicity of a rural environment. It also has a swimming pool, which is an advantage on Trás-os-Montes summer days.

If you like to try different accommodations, then I suggest you take a look at Bolhas da Montanha, in Ribas (12 km from Valpaços). This is glamping, where guests sleep in transparent bubbles with a view of the stars.

And that’s not all! Sauna, heated saltwater pool and some bubbles have a private jacuzzi. The Mountain Bubbles can accommodate families and I must say that I am very curious to take my family to sleep under the stars… When that happens, I promise to update this article!

If you want to see other suggestions of where to sleep in the Valpaços region, explore the link and map below.

Hotels in Valpaços, Portugal

Where is Valpaços, Portugal, how to get there and map

Valpaços is located in the north of Portugal, about 160 km from Porto and 440 km from Lisbon, but to reach the region more quickly, we suggest you follow the directions below.

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