Things To Do in Luso: Exploring the Best of Mealhada Region

Termas do Luso.
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Here’s the best things to do and visit in Luso, a parish located in the municipality of Mealhada.

Known for its exceptionally high-quality water, it’s no surprise that one of the most famous national water brands was created there.

Besides the water, Luso has other attractions and tourist spots for visitors to explore.

A must-visit is the Igreja Matriz, situated in the center of the parish on Rua da Igreja. Dating back to the 18th century, the church has an impressive bell tower and three gilded altars, which should be part of any tour of the village.

For nature lovers, Parque do Lago do Luso is a must-stop. With well-maintained green areas ideal for walks, this green zone is the perfect place to enjoy a tranquil evening before returning to the hotel.

For fans of thermal springs, a visit to Termas do Luso is essential. The therapeutic properties of the springs provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy a few hours of relaxation and well-being, making your experience in Luso even more special.

So, will you join me on this journey through the center of Portugal?

Best Things To Do and Visit in Luso

Posto de Turismo na freguesia de Luso.
Tourist Information Office in Luso.

Seeing the Luso Water Spring

Nascente de água no centro da freguesia de Luso.
Water spring in the center of Luso.
O meu filho a encher uma garrafa de água de luso, diretamente da nascente.
My son filling a bottle with Luso water directly from the spring.
Fonte de nascente no Luso.
Spring fountain in Luso.
A História da água de Luso.
The history of Luso water.
Explorar a vila do Luso.
Exploring the village of Luso.

In the center of the parish of Luso, there is a spring where it is common for people to collect water.

It has even become a trademark image to see the pilgrimages of people filling large water bottles at the various spouts of this fountain.

However, it is important to note that the water marketed under the Luso brand is not sourced from that location.

To learn more details, continue reading the article.

Exploring the Buçaco Region

Fonte fria da Mata do Bussaco.
Fonte fria in Mata do Bussaco.
Floresta de fetos.
Fern forest.
Lago na Mata do Bussaco.
Lake in Mata do Bussaco.
Floresta de Bambu.
Bamboo forest.
Os meus filhos junto ao Lago na Mata do Bussaco.
My children by the lake in the Bussaco Forest.
Mesas para piqueniques na Serra do Bussaco.
Picnic tables in the Bussaco Mountain.
Grande Lago do Bussaco.
Lake in Bussaco.
Árvores gigantes na Serra do Bussaco.
Giant trees in the Bussaco Mountain.

The Buçaco Mountain includes territories from the municipalities of Mealhada, Mortágua, and Penacova, as well as the Buçaco National Forest, reaching an altitude of 547 meters at its highest point.

To get to the Buçaco Forest, I usually go through the village of Luso, and I think other travelers do the same.

That must be why Luso and Buçaco are so connected.

Convento de Santa Cruz.
Convent of Santa Cruz.
Pormenor do Convento de Santa Cruz.
Detail of the Convent of Santa Cruz.
Convento de Santa Cruz, na Serra do Buçaco.
Convent of Santa Cruz, in the Buçaco Mountain.
Painel no Convento de Santa Cruz.
Convent of Santa Cruz.
História do Convento de Santa Cruz.
The history of the Convent of Santa Cruz.
Visitar o Palácio do Buçaco.
Visiting the Buçaco Palace.
Palácio do Buçaco.
Buçaco Palace.
Jardim do Palácio do Buçaco.
Garden of the Buçaco Palace.
Ala do do Palácio do Buçaco.
Wing of the Buçaco Palace.
Azulejos no Palácio do Buçaco.
Tiles in the Buçaco Palace.
Fonte no Buçaco.

In any case, besides the magnificent green landscapes of Luso, you can also visit some monuments in the Buçaco Mountain, such as the Convent of Santa Cruz, the Buçaco Hermitage, and the Buçaco Palace, which houses a hotel.

Additionally, it is in the Buçaco Mountain that the waters of Luso and Caldas de Penacova are sourced, two national bottled water brands.

As you can see, there is much to see and do in the Buçaco Mountain, so I suggest you read the full article about this spectacular protected area in the Center of Portugal.

👉 Discovering hidden treasures in the Buçaco Mountain (guide with suggestions on what to see and do, accommodation, restaurants, and other travel tips).

Visiting the Igreja Matriz

The Igreja Matriz is located in the center of the parish, precisely on Rua da Igreja.

Dating back to the 18th century, the church has a bell tower and, inside, it features three gilded altars that elegantly stand out against the white-painted walls.

Accommodation in Luso: best hotels

Grande Hotel do Luso.
Grande Hotel de Luso.

There are various types of accommodation for different budgets in the parish of Luso, but we will suggest the one we know best: the Grande Hotel de Luso (4 stars).

It is located in the center of the parish of Luso, has connecting family rooms, and offers an excellent breakfast every morning.

Additionally, it has two major attractions: the thermal baths, ideal for some treatments, and an Olympic pool that will leave you in awe.

However, if you prefer to see other places to stay in the village of Luso, I suggest you check the map and link below.

👉 Hotels in Luso

What makes the Termas do Luso such a popular wellness destination?

Termas do Luso.
Termas de Luso.

The Termas do Luso are highly sought after because of their therapeutic waters, which are known for their diuretic, detoxifying, and calming effects.

Thus, the highlight is the reputation of these waters for providing health benefits, attracting visitors in search of well-being.

It is believed that treatments at the Termas do Luso offer not only relaxation but also contribute to body detoxification and overall balance.

As a result, the popularity of these thermal baths as a wellness destination lies in their long tradition and the beneficial properties of their waters, making them a sought-after retreat for those seeking revitalization and body care.

Are there hiking trails in Luso?

Explorar a Serra do Bussaco com crianças.
Exploring the Bussaco Mountain with children.
Caminhada a pé com crianças na Mata do Bussaco.
Hiking with children in the Bussaco Forest.

Yes, there are many kilometers of hiking trails near Luso, specifically in the Buçaco Mountain.

Besides the direct benefits to your health and well-being from the activity of walking, doing it in nature only brings advantages.

Therefore, I recommend adding a beautiful and peaceful walk through the Buçaco Forest to your list of things to do in Luso.

What is the local culinary specialty in Luso?

Leitão à Bairrada no Restaurante Rei dos Leitões.
Leitão à Bairrada (roast suckling pig), at Rei dos Leitões Restaurant.
Restaurante Rei dos Leitões.
Rei dos Leitões Restaurant.

Luso is part of Mealhada, which is renowned for Leitão à Bairrada (roast suckling pig).

But there are other typical dishes that deserve attention, such as Negalho (stuffed goat tripe) and Sarrabulho.

On the other hand, when it comes to sweets, don’t miss the opportunity to try Caramujos and Cavacas from the village of Luso.

How much time is needed to visit Luso?

O que fazer no Luso: lugares a descobrir.
What to do in Luso: places to discover.
Conhecer o Luso.
Discovering Luso.
Jardim na freguesia da Luso.
Things to do in Luso: explore the gardens.
Terra de burriqueiros.
Terra de burriqueiros, or Land of coopers.
Arquitetura do Palácio do Buçaco.
Best things to do in Luso: Appreciate the architecture of the Buçaco Palace.

One or two days are enough to get to know the parish of Luso fairly well, so in my opinion, a full weekend is the ideal time to stay in the region.

How to get there

From Porto:

From Lisbon:

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