Top Places to Visit in Vilarinho de Negrões, Montalegre (Portugal)

Vilarinho de Negrões, Montalegre.
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Vilarinho de Negrões is a tranquil riverside village in the municipality of Montalegre, located in Northern Portugal.

The rising waters from the construction of the Alto Rabagão Dam in 1964 spared a portion of land, forming a peninsula that now resembles a landscape from Scandinavia.

However, it remains a typically Portuguese village worth visiting. It was also one of the 49 pre-finalists of the Seven Wonders of Portugal in the category of “Riverside Villages,” which certainly contributed to the region’s promotion.

From the time we spent there, we remember the tranquility of the environment, as well as landscapes worthy of a postcard.

Indeed, Vilarinho de Negrões seems to float on the calm waters of the reservoir, and in some parts, the lake appears to invade the houses.

In this article, you will find three suggestions for what to visit in Vilarinho de Negrões (remember that it is a very small village), tips on what to do, where to stay, and a map with directions to get here.

So, are you joining us on this journey through the famous Barroso Lands?

Best Things To Do and See in Vilarinho de Negrões

Aldeia deVilarinho de Negrões.
Small village of Vilarinho de Negrões.
Tanque em Vilarinho de Negrões.
Water tank in Vilarinho de Negrões.

Seeing the Alto Rabagão Dam

Barragem do Alto Rabagão
Alto Rabagão Dam, or Pisões Dam.

The Alto Rabagão Dam (official name) is also known as the Pisões Dam and is part of the Cávado River basin (Rabagão River).

In fact, locals often refer to it as the Pisões Dam.

It’s a prime spot for motorhome enthusiasts who choose the tranquil shores of the reservoir to spend some time, as well as for hikers who traverse the trails along the water.

The Chapel of Vilarinho de Negrões

Capela de Vilarinho de Negrões.
Chapel of Vilarinho de Negrões

The chapel of Vilarinho de Negrões is built in a very simple manner, much like all constructions in the village.

The walls are made of granite, and at the top, you can see a small bell, but what’s truly worthwhile is the landscape visible from the chapel’s courtyard.

From there, you can see the blue water surface of the Alto Rabagão Reservoir, as well as the shades of green spreading from the agricultural fields and forests.

Enchanting villages: Morgade, Gralhós, Negrões among others

Aldeias na Barragem do Alto Rabagão.
Small villages at the Alto Rabagão Dam.

Do you like to appreciate the rural charm of places? Well, that’s what you’ll find around here.

We’re talking about farmers heading to the fields on agricultural tractors, ladies picking cabbages in the backyard, and encounters with cows leaving marks along the way.

You just need to wander through the villages of Criande, Morgade, Gralhós, Aldeia Nova do Barroso, Travassos da Chã, and also Negrões to encounter scenes like the ones we described.

And you know what stands out the most in these places? The hospitality of their people!

Unmissable, believe me!

What to do in Vilarinho de Negrões (must-visit activities)

Espigueiro junto à Albufeira do Alto Rabagão.
Granary near the Alto Rabagão Reservoir.
  • Park the car and explore the cobblestone streets on foot, or hike the surrounding trails.
  • Have a family picnic, but remember to leave the place as you found it.
  • Drive along the road that surrounds the Alto Rabagão Reservoir if you’re not interested in walking.
  • Engage in a treasure hunt if traveling with children; try to find a granary, a dated tank, and a wayside shrine in the village, as they’ll love the experience.
  • Take a dip in the reservoir’s river beaches, but only if the weather is good. Remember, the water can be chilly!

Accommodation in Vilarinho de Negrões

Vilarinho de Negrões, Montalegre.
Vilarinho de Negrões.

The best accommodation option in the area is at Casas Avelã Brava, located in the village of Negrões, which is 2.7 km away.

Moreover, the village of Negrões is also very beautiful as it is situated on a peninsula similar to that of Vilarinho.

However, you can also choose to stay at a hotel in Montalegre, where you have more options. The links are provided below.

Accommodation in Negrões

Accommodation in Montalegre

What to see and visit near Vilarinho de Negrões?

Visitar Montalegre
Visit Montalegre.
Aldeia de Vilar de perdizes.
Vilar de Perdizes.
Visit Pitões das Júnias.

Not far from Vilarinho de Negrões, there are other very interesting places to visit.

So, if you have a few extra days to explore the region, here are my suggestions, along with their respective distances. I hope this information is helpful!

Map and how to get to Vilarinho de Negrões

Vilarinho is located in the North of Portugal, 141 km (87mi 1079.475yd) from the city of Porto and 450 km (279mi 1085.982yd) from Lisbon.

To see how to get to this region, take a look at the map with directions below.

From Porto:

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