National Road 304: The World’s Best Driving Road is Portuguese

Estrada Nacional 304.
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National Road 304, or Estrada Nacional 304, is one of the most unforgettable roads in the North of Portugal, and we are not the only ones who think this way.

In fact, in 2019 Ford considered the N304 one of the best roads in the world to drive on and Europe’s Greatest Driving Roads has also recommended it!

This road is a biker’s paradise, but also perfect for family roadtrips, as was our case.

The most beautiful route, for us, is between the town of Mondim de Basto and Alto de Velão, before the Campeã, so this is the section we are going to focus on.

So, will you join us on this road trip that promises to be unforgettable?

Travel along National Road 304

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Alto do Velão.
Alto de Velão viewpoint (Miradouro do Alto de Velão).

Our suggestion is to start your journey on EN304 in Alto de Velão, which is close to the border with the municipality of Vila Real.

From there you will have an approximate perspective of the road ahead, which ends in the rocky mountain range of Monte de Farinha.

On the right, see the Marão Wind Turbines, but don’t stay there for too long, as you have a few kilometers to go and there are plenty of opportunities to stop and admire the landscape.

Along the N304, you’ll find great photo opportunities at the Lomba Gorda Viewpoint, Fonte do Trigo, and the Picnic Park near the Ermelo Bridge.

If you want to extend your walk, next to Ponte de Ermelo, turn right at the junction to visit one of the region’s ex-libris: Fisgas de Ermelo, which is located in the heart of the Alvão Natural Park.

Continue towards Mondim de Basto and try to discover the small villages in the landscape.

When you arrive in Mondim de Basto, take the opportunity to take a walk around the historic center of the town and the green area before taking another detour off the N304.

We talk about the epic climb to Monte Farinha, which makes the news every year around Portugal by bike.

By the way, if you are a fan of paragliding, know that there is a track next to the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Graça and that it is quite busy in the summer.

National Road 304 by motorbike

Miradouro da Lomba Gorda.
Miradouro da Lomba Gorda.

Motorcycling along National Road 304 is a unique experience.

Apart from the breathtaking landscape, what sets this journey apart is the fact that a significant portion of the route winds through mountains with sparse vegetation.

Riding a motorcycle through these areas creates a sensation akin to mid-flight, offering a surreal experience.

Additionally, the stretch leading to Mondim de Basto features plenty of curves, adding an element of challenge to the ride, all while ensuring optimal safety conditions.

Accomodation near National Road 304 (Estrada Nacional 304)

To embark on your journey along EN 304, you have the option of staying in Mondim de Basto or selecting a hotel in Vila Real.

For accommodations in Mondim de Basto, we recommend Água Hotels Mondim de Basto. It’s a four-star hotel featuring a spa and offering picturesque views of the Tâmega River.

Alternatively, Casa Agrícola da Levada Eco Village, located approximately 2 km from the center of Vila Real, is an excellent choice.

If neither of these options suits your preferences, explore other lodging possibilities in both Mondim de Basto and Vila Real.

Secure your hotel in Mondim de Basto and ensure a comfortable stay for your road trip.

Reservar hotel em Mondim de Basto.

Reservar hotel em Vila Real.

See also in Mondim de Basto

In Mondim de Basto, a short drive from the village and after your enchanting journey along the N304, you’ll discover the Baloiço do Picote.

It offers spectacular views of Monte de Farinha (Senhora da Graça) and serves as an excellent way to conclude your N304 road trip.

This swing offers spectacular views of Monte de Farinha (Senhora da Graça) and serves as an excellent way to conclude your N304 road trip

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