Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints: Local Tips for the Best Route!

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto
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Discovering Best Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints: Insider Tips for the Ultimate Viewpoints Route Experience!

The Viewpoint Trail is a highly convenient way to explore Mondim de Basto, but it’s also another compelling reason to visit this beautiful village in the North of Portugal.

We might be biased when it comes to this region, as we have strong family roots that draw us to spend extended periods in Mondim de Basto.

In fact, swimming in the Tâmega and Olo rivers, as well as hiking up Monte Farinha, are part of our childhood memories, and we want our children to feel that connection too.

We believe this circuit benefits visitors by inviting them to traverse the municipality from end to end, which they might not otherwise do.

So, whether by car or bicycle, here’s our invitation to explore Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoint Trail

The Viewpoints Trail in Mondim de Basto

Rota dos Miradouros de Mondim de Basto.
Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints.
Surpresas ao longo da Rota dos Miradouros, cabras a regressar a casa.
Surprises Along the Viewpoint Trail: Goats Returning Home.
Percorrer a Rota dos Miradouros de Mondim de Basto de carro.
Driving Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints Trail.

The Viewpoint Trail is a circular route that suggests 10 stops at places that offer optimal conditions for observing the landscapes of the municipality of Mondim de Basto.

These are characteristic locations where it is possible to experience the rural daily life of the inhabitants, as well as the splendor of the natural landscape, facilitated by easy access for those traveling by car.

The entire route can be completed in a single day, however, there’s no need to rush, especially because there’s no shortage of activities to do in Mondim de Basto.

The suggested viewpoints are: Monte da Senhora da Graça, Barreiro, Fojo (Fisgas de Ermelo), Lomba Gorda (Pardelhas), Alto do Velão, Torrão, Paço, Campanhó, Paradança, and Senhora da Piedade.

Because it’s a circular route, you can start at any of the mentioned viewpoints, however, our suggestion is to begin the day with a stroll in the town center and end it with a sunset at the top of Senhora da Graça.

The town of Mondim de Basto holds some treasures that we’ll discuss in another article, but for a quick visit, we suggest you take a look at the Capela do Senhor, a Public Interest Property from the 16th century with a coffered ceiling, and the Municipal Urban Park, a green area with gardens, a playground, and a lake.

Barreiro’s Viewpoint (Miradouro do Barreiro)

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Miradouro do Barreiro.
Best Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints: Barreiro Viewpoint.
Barreiro, no Parque Natural do Alvão.
Barreiro, in the Alvão Natural Park.

After a brief visit to the village, we suggest heading towards the Alvão Natural Park, more specifically to the small village of Barreiro.

It’s a cluster of granite houses situated at an altitude of 979 meters, and you can also visit the Chapel of Santo António do Barreiro.

Travel Tip: There’s a high chance you’ll be the only tourist in the village, so it’s natural for the locals to be curious about visitors. Take the opportunity to chat with them.

Miradouro do Fojo / Fisgas de Ermelo Viewpoint

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Capela do Fojo.
Fojo chapel.
Cabras a regressar a casa ao final do dia no Parque Natural do Alvão.
Goats returning home at the end of the day in the Alvão Natural Park.

The next stop is at the Fojo viewpoint, which is located near the famous Fisgas de Ermelo, so if you haven’t seen the fisgas yet, this is a good time to do so.

The waterfalls are impressive, as are the trails for swimming in the pools, but keep in mind that you’ll need a few hours for these activities.

Additionally, near the Fisgas de Ermelo, there is a small chapel named Capela do Fojo, or Chapel of São José do Fojo, and also Capela da Senhora do Fojo, which dates back to the 18th century.

Lomba Gorda Viewpoint (Miradouro da Lomba Gorda)

Miradouro da Lomba Gorda.
Viewpoints in Mondim de Basto: Lomba Gorda Viewpoint.
Miradouro da Lomba Gorda.
Lomba Gorda Viewpoint.

The Lomba Gorda viewpoint is located at the intersection of National Road 304 with Municipal Road 561, which connects to Pardelhas.

It is undoubtedly a breathtaking viewpoint!

Firstly, if you suffer from vertigo, you will feel the altitude, and secondly, the views of the Alvão Natural Park and Monte da Senhora da Graça are fabulous.

Travel Tip: A great place for a picnic is by the Fonte do Trigo, before reaching the Lomba Gorda viewpoint, as it not only has a small lagoon but also tables and parking spaces.

Alto do Velão Viewpoint (Miradouro do Alto do Velão)

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Alto do Velão.
Unique Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints: Alto de Velão.
Estrada Nacional 304.
Nacional Road 304.

The Alto do Velão viewpoint is located on the border of Mondim municipality, near Campeã, which belongs to Vila Real.

This spot often serves as the entrance to the municipality for those coming from Vila Real, and we must add that it’s quite an entrance!

So, from afar, try to identify the mountain range culminating with Monte de Farinha, and closer by, let yourself be dazzled by the power emanating from the Alvão mountains before heading to the next viewpoint, just a few kilometers away.

By the way, this is the beginning of the most beautiful stretch of National Road 304 (N304), considered one of the most scenic roads in the world to drive on!

Torrão Viewpoint (Miradouro do Torrão)

Miradouro do Torrão.
Torrão Viewpoint.

After the ascent to Alto do Velão, the next stop is descending to the Torrão Viewpoint.

It’s an isolated place with a sea of idyllic landscapes ahead, so take advantage of the silence to calm your mind.

Paço Viewpoint (Miradouro de Paço)

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Miradouro de Paço.
Miradouro de Paço (Paço Viewpoint).

Be careful because this viewpoint might be easy to miss; it’s situated on the right side of the road along a downhill stretch that, fortunately, has little traffic.

From there, you can see the Fisgas de Ermelo, as well as the villages of Travassos, Bilhó, Ermelo, and Pardelhas.

Campanhó Viewpoint (Miradouro de Campanhó)

Miradouro de Campanhó.
Campanhó Viewpoint.

Due to its location on a slope, Campanhó necessitated the construction of retaining walls to secure the land, reminiscent of the terraced vineyards in Régua.

Undoubtedly, it offers a very beautiful landscape, so it’s worth spending some time exploring the village.

Travel Tip: In Campanhó, you can visit the Parish Church, see the Our Lord of Afflictions Cross, or venture to the Porto Velho Stream with its nearly unknown waterfall and lagoons.

Paradança Viewpoint (Miradouro da Charneca / Paradança)

Miradouro de Paradança.
Best Viewpoints in Mondim de Basto: Paradança Viewpoint.

The Paradança viewpoint is located very close to the village, so if you don’t want to complete the entire route, you can easily visit this viewpoint.

Senhora da Piedade Viewpoint (Miradouro da Senhora da Piedade)

Miradouro/baloiço da Senhora da Piedade.
Senhora da Piedade, Senta e Sente Swing.
Capela da Nossa Senhora da Piedade.
Nossa Senhora da Piedade Chapel.
Miradouro da Senhora da Piedade, com vista para a Senhora da Graça.
Viewpoint of Senhora da Piedade, overlooking Nossa Senhora da Graça.

The Viewpoint of Senhora da Piedade is located next to the Chapel of Senhora da Piedade, meaning access is through the Main Church.

The Chapel is itself a good reason to visit the place, with a small olive tree garden and superb views over the village of Mondim de Basto.

Additionally, in the summer of 2020, a swing overlooking the final destination of this journey was installed: the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Graça.

Senhora da Graça Viewpoint (Miradouro da Senhora da Graça)

Rota dos Miradouros em Mondim de Basto: Senhora da Graça.
Best Mondim de Basto’s Viewpoints: Senhora da Graça Viewpoint.
Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Graça.
Senhora da Graça Sanctuary.

Our suggestion is that the viewpoint of Senhora da Graça be the last stop on your Miradouros Route in Mondim de Basto.

Throughout the route, you’ll come across different perspectives of Mount Farinha, so it makes perfect sense for the final stop to be the ascent to this church.

Enhance your itinerary by visiting the three chapels of the sanctuary: the Nativity Chapel, the Visitation Chapel, and the Annunciation Chapel.

Travel Tip: It’s possible to climb the tower of the Sanctuary, so ask for directions at the Casa das Estampas (shop).

Tips and Accommodation for Exploring the Viewpoints Route in Mondim de Basto

As you may have noticed, the Viewpoints Route in Mondim de Basto passes includes several interesting places that are perfect for extending your itinerary.

Moreover, the network of trails and hiking paths is extensive and most of them are well signposted, so if you’re a fan of hiking, you’ll have plenty to explore in the region.

We completed the Viewpoints Route in a day because we are familiar with the municipality, but you could easily be entertained for two or three days.

In this case, it makes sense to stay overnight in Mondim de Basto, at least for one night.

Thus, the Agua Hotels Mondim de Basto (4 stars) comes highly recommended for those who appreciate comfort and modernity. It has a pool overlooking the Tâmega River and Senhora da Graça.

If you prefer a more secluded location, here are my recommendations:

  • Refúgio das Poldras, not far from the center of Mondim, specifically in Vilar de Viando, is a glamping site with tents, bungalows, and chalets;
  • Casa da Júlia, a chalet on the outside Mondim (in Ermelo), is suitable for small groups as it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms;
  • Refúgio das Carquejas, known for its outdoor pool but has only one bedroom, so it’s ideal for a couple or small family. It’s located in Barreiro.
  • Casa da Avó Ana Alvão, a super cozy rural house, where the warmth of the wood stove stands out in winter. It also has a pool. It’s located in Bilhó.

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