Caminito del Rey Malaga (2024) Guide for Vertigo Warriors!

El Caminito del Rey em Ardales (Málaga-Andaluzia).
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Do you dream of conquering the Caminito del Rey in 2024 but struggle with vertigo? I’ve shared my passion for exploring challenging and hard-to-reach places on this blog. However, the truth is that my fear of heights has often been a roadblock on these adventures.

There are moments when my body freezes, refusing to budge—an unwelcome companion during precarious climbs.

It’s precisely in these situations that I wish I had come across an article like this one earlier. It could have guided me in determining whether attempting the Caminito del Rey, despite my vertigo, was worth it.

For a long time, the Caminito held the notorious title of the world’s most dangerous footpath, which can understandably leave anyone bewildered.

Of course, everyone’s tolerance for heights and tight spaces varies, and ultimately, the decision to embark on the Caminito is a personal one.

I must admit, I completed the Caminito del Rey with tears in my eyes, but whether they were tears of joy or sadness, you’ll have to read the post until (almost) the end to find out!

What is the history behind Caminito del Rey?

Desfiladeiro de Gaitanes.
Gaitanes Gorge.

Ever wondered about the intriguing history behind the Caminito del Rey?

This remarkable trail, spanning approximately three kilometers, was hewn into the dramatic walls of the Gaitanes and El Chorro gorges.

It boasts a swaying suspension bridge, rugged dirt paths, wooden walkways, and precarious stairs that could rival the adventures of Indiana Jones!

The story begins back in 1901-1905 when it was constructed, primarily to grant access to laborers working at the El Chorro Hydroelectric Plant.

Interestingly, it wasn’t until 1921, during a visit by King D. Afonso XIII, that it earned its regal title—the King’s Way.

Today, it has evolved into a captivating tourist attraction, drawing adventurers from around the world. However, the Caminito del Rey is not without its perils, as it meanders through some inherently risky areas.

In fact, two fatal accidents occurred in 1999 and 2000, leading to its closure in 2001. The King’s Way remained dormant until 2015 when extensive safety renovations allowed its grand reopening.

Still, visitors must adhere to strict safety regulations outlined at the beginning of the trail. Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion. Safety first!

Rules and Guidelines for Exploring the Caminito del Rey

As the Caminito del Rey can be a challenging and potentially risky experience, it’s essential to follow certain rules and guidelines to ensure safety for all visitors:

  • Age Restrictions: Children under eight years old are not allowed on the route. For those between 8-18 years, they must be accompanied by an adult (carry an identity card or citizen card as proof of age).
  • Footwear: Avoid wearing flip-flops or high-heeled shoes, as they are not suitable for the terrain. Helmets are mandatory for safety and are provided at the entrance.
  • Equipment: Leave tripods for cameras, hiking poles, and umbrellas at home. These items are not permitted on the trail.
  • Stay on Marked Trails: It’s crucial to stay on the designated paths and not venture off-trail to preserve the environment and avoid accidents.
  • No Smoking: Smoking is prohibited along the route, particularly as you pass through a pine forest. Please respect this rule.
  • Control Points: Throughout the journey, you’ll encounter control points staffed by park personnel. Follow their instructions and guidance.
  • Emergency Helipad: In case of a medical emergency, there is a helipad available for evacuation.

By adhering to these rules, you can have a safe and enjoyable experience while exploring the Caminito del Rey.

How Long Does It Take to Complete the Caminito del Rey Hike?

The duration of your Caminito adventure can vary based on your individual pace and preferences.

On average, it takes about an hour to complete the hike from the ticket office to the end of the gorge.

Here’s a breakdown of the timing:

  • Initial Dirt Road: The first part of the route involves walking along a dirt road, which allows for quicker progress.
  • Scenic Gorge and Walkways: Once you enter the gorge and traverse the walkways, your pace might slow down. This section is incredibly scenic, and many visitors pause to capture breathtaking photos. It’s essential to factor in these stops when estimating your total time.
  • Suspension Bridge and Staircases: The final stretch, including the suspension bridge and staircases, can also add some time to your hike. The duration depends on your physical condition and how often you stop to enjoy the views and take pictures.

In my case, it took approximately 2 hours to complete the entire Caminito del Rey.

However, it’s important to note that I have a fear of heights, so I took my time and savored the experience rather than rushing through.

Ultimately, your Caminito del Rey journey should be a memorable adventure, so feel free to set your own pace and savor the stunning surroundings.

Caminito del Rey Closure Schedule: Days and Hours to Plan Your Visit

Trilho do Caminito Del Rey (Ardales - Málaga).
Caminito del Rey trail (Ardales – Malaga).

Operating Hours and Closure Days for Caminito del Rey

Caminito del Rey typically welcomes visitors from Tuesday to Sunday. During the summer season, it operates from 9:00 AM to 5:20 PM, while in winter, the hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

Please note the following closure days:

  • Mondays
  • December 24th and 25th
  • January 1st
  • Days with adverse weather conditions

If you’ve purchased your ticket online and the park is closed on your planned visit day, you have the option to reschedule your visit or request a refund.

How Long is the Caminito del Rey?

The Caminito del Rey spans approximately 8 kilometers, to be precise, it’s 7.7 kilometers (4.35 miles) in length.

But here’s the intriguing part: a significant portion of the trail takes you through enchanting forested paths, offering a stark contrast to the dramatic cliff-side walkways that await you.

Starting with an easier initial section adds to the adventure, making it an enticing start for trekkers.

Once you’ve journeyed more than halfway, retracing your steps may not seem worth it, considering the distance already covered.

Why is the Caminito del Rey Vital for Malaga Province?

Cerca de 20 grutas do Caminito del Rey (Málaga - Costa del Sol).
Caminito del Rey Caves (Malaga – Costa del Sol).

The Caminito del Rey holds immense significance for the province of Malaga, serving as a key driver of tourism and holding archaeological treasures.

Firstly, it has turned Malaga into a magnet for tourists. The allure of this breathtaking trail has drawn visitors from across the globe.

This surge in tourism has not only boosted the local economy but also spurred the development of essential infrastructure to cater to the needs of travelers.

Beyond its tourism impact, the Caminito is an archaeological gem.

It has yielded evidence of human presence dating back to prehistoric times, shedding light on the historical tapestry of the region.

In essence, the Caminito del Rey isn’t just a remarkable natural wonder; it’s a vital contributor to the cultural and economic fabric of Malaga province.

Exploring the Caminito del Rey: Thrilling Highlights and Dizzying Moments

Balconcillo de los Gaitanes - a ponte suspensa.
Balconcillo de los Gaitanes – the suspension bridge of the Caminito del Rey.

The Caminito del Rey is a thrilling adventure, but it’s not for the faint of heart, especially if you suffer from vertigo. Let’s break down the highlights and the most heart-pounding moments of this remarkable trail.

The journey begins gently, meandering through a pine forest that offers respite from the sun and treats you to picturesque landscapes. It’s a tranquil start, perfect for easing into the adventure.

As you progress, the trail becomes more captivating—or nerve-wracking for those with vertigo! The wide wooden walkways, approximately a meter in width, provide spectacular views of the Guadalhorce River below. So far, so good.

But then, you encounter the infamous suspension bridge, Balconcillo de los Gaitanes, and this is where things take a thrilling turn. Only one person is allowed to cross at a time, except for those who need assistance. A guide is stationed here to aid anyone feeling uneasy about the crossing. Surprisingly, many brave souls manage to snap selfies while traversing the bridge, but it’s undoubtedly one of the hair-raising highlights.

Next, the path narrows, and you find yourself navigating staircases that cling to the gorge walls. This part can be stomach-churning, especially for those with vertigo.

The final stretch offers some respite, leading to restrooms and shops where you can grab refreshments or souvenirs. If you’re in need of a full meal to recover, the La Gargante hotel and restaurant is just a stone’s throw away.

In the end, whether you conquer your vertigo or simply endure it, the Caminito del Rey is an adventure you won’t soon forget.

Comprar comida, bebidas e souvenirs no final do caminito.
Buy food, drinks and souvenirs at the end of Caminito.

Tips for Conquering Vertigo on the Caminito del Rey

Preparing to tackle the Caminito del Rey, especially if you suffer from vertigo, requires a determined mindset. It’s essential to set out with the firm intention of completing the trail. If you leave room for the idea of quitting at any moment, your mind might start seeking excuses to do just that.

Walking the trail with a companion, especially during the more challenging sections, is another valuable tip. Having a supportive presence can provide both physical and emotional reassurance.

Remember that safety measures are in place along the route. In the most precarious spots, a sturdy steel cable is fixed to the canyon wall, providing a reliable handhold when your legs start to tremble.

Consider stashing away your cell phone and camera and enlist your companions to capture the journey. By keeping your hands free and gripping the security cable, you’ll gain better control over any fear of slipping or falling.

The wooden planks of the walkway have gaps between them, allowing you to glimpse the vertiginous heights beneath your feet. These spaces between boards might be disconcerting, but they also offer an opportunity to confront and gradually overcome your fear of heights.

Lastly, don’t be too hard on yourself if you decide the Caminito del Rey isn’t the right fit for you. There are countless spectacular places around the world that offer breathtaking views and exhilarating experiences, without the added challenge of vertigo. It’s all about finding the adventure that suits you best.

How to Reach Caminito del Rey from Malaga

Túnel e Linha de comboio no Caminito Del Rey.  (desfiladeiro de El Chorro).
Tunnel and train line in Caminito Del Rey (El Chorro gorge).

To reach the Paraje Natural Desfiladero de los Gaitanes (Desfiladero de los Gaitanes Natural Park) from Malaga, you have two primary options: by car or by train and bus.

The quickest and most convenient method is by car.

Take the A-357 and follow it until you reach the MA-5403, which will lead you to Ardales. Along the way, you’ll encounter clear signage directing you to the Caminito entrance.

The journey covers approximately 60 kilometers and typically takes about an hour.

Check out the prices for rental car in Spain!

How to Reach Caminito del Rey by Train and Bus

If you don’t have access to a car, you can still reach Caminito del Rey by using the train and bus.

Keep in mind that this option takes longer compared to driving.

  • Start by taking the train at Estación de Malaga María Zambrano, heading towards Seville. Your destination is El Chorro Station, and the train journey should take approximately 40 minutes.
  • Upon arrival at El Chorro Station, you can then catch a bus from the Consorcio de Transporte Metropolitano del Área de Malaga to Camping Ardales. This bus trip typically takes around 35 minutes.

While this option may not be as convenient as renting a car, it’s a feasible way to reach Caminito.

Caminito del Rey Tickets

To ensure a seamless experience and avoid queues, it’s essential to purchase your Caminito del Rey tickets online.

Keep in mind that entry to the park is organized in groups, with approximately 30-minute intervals between them.

Booking your tickets in advance secures your spot, as there’s a risk of not finding availability if you wait until the last minute.

Ticket prices may vary depending on your preferences, such as opting for guided tours or selecting departure points like Seville or Malaga.

For the most budget-friendly option, consider driving to Ardales, parking your car there, and taking the bus to the entrance of the trail. It’s advisable to purchase these tickets tickets online for a hassle-free experience.

Can People with Vertigo Conquer the Caminito?

El Caminito del Rey (Ardales - Málaga).
El Caminito del Rey (Ardales – Malaga).

Addressing a delicate issue, I’d like to share that it is indeed possible to complete the Caminito del Rey, even for those grappling with vertigo.

My personal journey reflects this possibility, but not without assistance.

At times when fear immobilized me, a fellow traveler extended a supportive hand, guiding me through most of the trail.

Independently, I might have found it challenging to navigate the situation, considering how genuinely intimidating it can be.

As I overcame the most daunting sections, I realized tears had welled up in my eyes. These tears didn’t stem solely from fear but from the sense of accomplishment – a realization that I possessed more courage than I had ever imagined.

Whether with assistance or solo, one thing remains certain: I successfully traversed the Caminito and lived to share my story!

Restaurants: Where To Eat

O Restaurante La Garganta fica a alguns metros do final do Caminito de Rey e serve refeições completas. Comida saborosa a preços aceitáveis e com vista para o desfiladeiro.
La Garganta Restaurant.

While it’s advisable to bring snacks and water for your journey along the Caminito, there are convenient stalls offering quick meals at the trail’s end.

For a more substantial dining experience, consider visiting the La Garganta hotel and restaurant, just a short walk from Caminito’s conclusion. They offer complete meals.

During my visit, I enjoyed a salad, salmorejo, salmon, and dessert, all of which were satisfying.

However, the highlight was undeniably the restaurant’s breathtaking view of the gorge.

Accommodation Options

As previously mentioned, Hotel La Garganta, located just a few meters from the end of Caminito Del Rey, is a convenient choice for accommodations.

However, during my visit, I opted to stay at the Senator Marbella Spa Hotel, located next to the Congress Center in Marbella, approximately an hour’s drive away.

Another practical alternative is to spend the night in Malaga.

*Please note that I experienced Caminito del Rey as part of a day trip offered by Costa Del Sol.

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