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Markt der Engel

O mercado dos anjos fica na zona de Neumarkt. Na nossa opinião, durante o dia não se destaca em nada de especial, mas quando anoitece e as luzes se acendem, torna-se especial porque podemos apreciar as decorações de luzes em forma de anjo.





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    Oh, the Places We See
    2017-01-21 at 3:02

    Congratulations on your decision to travel — especially with your family. You learn so much about people, cultures, and places when you travel. We appreciate your decision to follow Oh, the Places We See. We wish we could have seen as many places as you have, but what we’ve seen is valuable beyond description to us!

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      passaporte no bolso
      2017-01-24 at 19:43

      Thank you for your kind words and we are sure we will find lots os inspiration on Oh, the Places We See.

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